Be very very qwiet…

Sometimes koalas venture out from their natural habitat into suburban areas.

They should be approached with caution but if you are very very quiet and respectful, they will allow you to hold them.

Before releasing back into the wild.

Shhhhh, don’t disturb the koalas.

(details here) (and yes, I know it isn’t the right tree – there’s a dearth of eucalypts in my back yard!)


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26 responses to “Be very very qwiet…

  1. Awww! love him! (is it a him?)

  2. Too cute! I love that you’re trying to be biologically accurate, too. Because that is very important. 😉

  3. How funny that Olivia had a photo of a koala in a tree on her blog! Synchronicity. He’s adorable. And doesn’t look vicious at all.

  4. that is so sweet! my kiddos would love that.

  5. OMG. I am simply going to have to get one of my own. I NEED one. I love how he is palm sized. Too adorable!

  6. ok, is he a koala or a drop bear? I am scared, he is giving me the evils……. He looks like he is ready to pounce and attack an unsuspecting laaadiiieee who is in the back yard quietly knitting.ok, it was me that was attacked by the drop bear. I have not been the same since!

  7. kms

    oh i love him, i want one too 🙂

  8. Jan

    He’s lovely. Loads of gum trees here but they are enormous. He could sit in the jacaranda I can reach from large balcony off my room! LOL.

  9. He’s beautiful, how lucky are you to have your very own koala in your backyard! Does he have any friends?

  10. Ann

    So cute – it must be a Christmas Koala !

  11. kim

    There go those mad crochet skillz again. That is too cute!

  12. sue

    Oh how adorable is he.

  13. Such a cute Koala!! We don’t have any koalas here but I have seen one in Brisbane, and held it too. They are really heavy!!

  14. Em

    Ohhhh, my goodness! I saw him and had a fit of the screaming girlies. I just wanna coo over how adorable and wee he is and use made up words like “cutesy-wootsey” and such. You see what your blog reduces me to? A babbling, girl-shaped pile of mush. Thanks! 🙂

  15. Wow – well done you for tempting out the wildlife and did you give hime the scarf – too cute

  16. ROFL. Just be careful of those drop bears. Love this!

  17. awwww sooooo cute *quickly calculates how many she’ll be able to make before Christmas*

  18. So cute!I MUST learn to crochet….(Weirdness continues – security word is `mealcal’ – I’m not sure if it’s meal call or reminding me of the calories in what I am about to eat…)

  19. maybe you could make one in bright red and call it a Drop Bear! V. cute : )

  20. He is divine, RR. I was visiting my sister last weekend when a very large koala strolled down her driveway (she lives in the bush). He wasnt a patch on your little cutie – he was a bit battle scarred.

  21. He’s a cutie! [Love the tree clarification…]

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