SHOESday: a pair a day for a whole year!

What could be better than a SHOESday post every week?

Why, a pair of shoes every day for a year!

I’ve been buying these calendars every year for the past 3 years – this year my mum bought the 2009 calendar for me for my birthday (thanks Mum!). I keep them at work to share the shoe love with my colleagues (all of whom happen to be women!)

Each year the calendar features shoes from a different museum or personal collection. Not mine though. I guess because I don’t have enough pairs for a whole year!! Hmm, perhaps I’d better work on that …


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13 responses to “SHOESday: a pair a day for a whole year!

  1. oh yes, there’s a plan for 2009!!!I like it!

  2. Get crackin’! You can do it!

  3. are you sure? I saw those storage photos!great calendar

  4. kms

    hmmm ok but you do have slightly more than enough for at least one a week, so you could do a weekly calendar….on second thoughts, just buy more. yes much better word verification = ‘dalik’…. exterminate??

  5. What a goal to set yourself!!! I can see a green shoe there too!!

  6. What a wonderful calendar. My supervisor had one and I loved going to her office to see the shoe of the day. Who knew there were so many many styles? It was a fun calendar.

  7. Those “(blank) a Day” calendars are amazing.Oh my! My verification word is “rette” – that must be RED in some language, right?

  8. Em

    Oh, yes. Please buy more shoes. Lots more shoes. I don’t feel so alone in my shoe love/lust when I see your fabulous collection. Love the calendar, they’re always so much fun!

  9. Do you have a handbag collection as well?

  10. Lin

    Perfect calender for you!

  11. Ann

    I didn’t realise that such a calendar existed – a perfect gift for you.

  12. Birthday! Hope it was a good one – yay for November birthday girls.

  13. ROFL. I was out shopping a few weeks ago and saw this calendar and you popped into my head. And now I see it here. How fun.

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