Are mullets really making a comeback?

Are mullets really making a comeback? Gah, I hope not! Except on husby’s feet!

Yarn: Opal handpainted yarn, bought on sale from Little Knits some time ago (yay me, stashbusting!) – thought it was a good “boy” colour. My first experience knitting with Opal – it didn’t feel too bad to knit with, and it softens up so nicely with a nice soak in Soak. Plus the obligatory Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Bold Red for husby’s signature toes.

Pattern: Improvised – one of the things I love about knitting socks is that once you’ve knit a few, you can pretty much do a basic sock on the fly, with no pattern at all. Turning the heel needs a bit of concentration, but apart from that, it’s all pretty much plain sailing. For these socks, I decided to rib the back of the leg but keep the front plain – hence the christening of these socks as the Mullet socks – business in the front, party in the back!

Sticks: 2.5mm KP nickel plate dpns. 2.5mm is really my sock stick of choice. I do wonder if I should use 2.25mm for a nice firm hopefully felting and sag free sock, but so far the 2.5s have done me fairly well, especially for husby’s socks.

Time: I started these in Fiji … on 2 August! With the vain hope to finish them in time for husby’s 40th birthday in October. As you know, I got one done! And now the other – finished on 27 November after a big burst at Morris & Sons (Tapestry Craft) SnB, which I’ve been going to for the last 3 weeks (nice!).

(oh Fiji, was it really so long ago…sigh!)

What I learnt: Oh, not much on these – except that secret knitting takes a lot longer than you expect when you have to keep the secret from your husband!


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11 responses to “Are mullets really making a comeback?

  1. I think I might be able to do secret knitting for my sweetie right next to him on the couch… he’d still be surprised, bless him!

  2. The mullet socks are done! Hooray! I bet Husby is damn pleased with these, and to have socks named after such a famous haircut. They look fab. I love the rib in the back idea having done it once.

  3. Cute! I made a pair in that same yarn for my son! So now they can be twins! (-ish.)

  4. kms

    yay, they look great, and so clever with the rib mullet thing. love them. i got no knitting done at dog training last night. annoyed. perhaps next week i i can bail if i am lucky….

  5. Yes the secret squirrel stuff can be quite hard. I love the ribbing on the back, I’ve done that too, and it makes the sock a bit fitted, but not too much!! I love your signature red toes too!!

  6. Love the name!! They look great with the red as well

  7. Funny! Very mullet-ish, especially when you get the ribbing around the cuff, too.

  8. del

    That name is the best! Love it. Beautiful socks!

  9. Ann

    The socks look great especially with the red toes. It’s a great design with the ribbing at the back. I must remember that when I knit a pair for my husband.

  10. I love the red accented toes. Is red his favorite color too? Husby needs a sock monkey. Don’t they have red toes?

  11. I wish these were the only mullet around – looking fabulous. I really like your red toe thing.

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