so many more good goodies!

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting a pic of a fab-o birthday present from George:

Looky! She made me placemats which match perfectly with my garter stitch blanky!

So clever and kind of her! I can’t wait to be in the new house with the blanky on the lounge and the placemats on the table!

But because I was slow in posting, I get to flash pics of some other birthday goodies too – I think this has been my longest birthday ever!

These lovely things from Kylie:
I’m thinking the yarn might become another February Baby Sweater – maybe with a contrast colour for the lace part? Hmm, will think on it a while longer.

And this great package arrived last week from Shazmina, all the way from the UK:
More lovely lovely malabrigo sock yarn (not the best photo of the colour, it’s really a lovely purply burgundy – Rayon Vert), chocolate, pig lollies (I may have opened these as soon as I opened the package – before I’d had breakfast even!), a kitty badge and a great keyring:

Can you read it?

Oh, and a DVD, which I stupidly forgot to photograph – it’s called Lost in Austen and it’s a UK series about a girl who swaps places with Lizzie Bennett in P&P! Am saving it to watch while I’m on holidays – can’t wait!

And my mum arrived this weekend, in time to help us pack before we move on Monday week…and this was in her suitcase for me:
A perfect match for my tea set (which is lucky, since that was the purpose in making it)!
And it won her second prize at the local show!
I asked her what won (because it must have been good – see how the back up there looks almost as good as the front!) and she said it was something else that she made!! Heh!



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22 responses to “so many more good goodies!

  1. Starting from the bottom – your mummy is so clever. It’s just beautiful. Lucky girl. And she took out first AND second? No wonder.It’s lovely to see all the gifts you’ve received after hearing about them. You are lucky and well deserving.

  2. OMG – your mum is a ROCKSTAR!!

  3. The cloth is beautiful, and the placemats too, such lovely gifts!!Oh Lost in Austen!! You are sooooo lucky!!Did you mum find an embroidery pattern to match the china, or the china to match the enbroidery pattern???

  4. lilypily

    Wow on all the pics. What a wonderful and clever friend George is and your mum is so talented. That cloth is absolutely gorgeous. Lucky you. Oh and a belated happy birthday too. I can see you’ve had a good one. 🙂

  5. amy

    Those place mats are just the best! I love the idea and the execution–just perfect. And that cloth to match your tea set is breathtaking. I’m in awe.

  6. Oh, that’s lovely! Soon you’ll be over the move and setting up in the new place.

  7. What lovely presents! You’re so lucky to have friends and family make things for you, and how special that they made stuff to match things you already had. Your mum is clearly extremely talented!

  8. jen

    Do you think your mama would let you publish a picture of her other prize winning piece? We’re all about the needlework admiration around here.

  9. Lin

    Wow, lovely things and beautiful stuff from your Mum. I do like Percy Pigs!

  10. You, my friend, made out like a bandit!!! hahaha! And very well deserved! 🙂 I can’t wait until you watch Lost in Austen, I loved it and may have to get it for myself! Your Mums needle work is beautiful!

  11. Wow. That tablecloth is stunning! Lucky, lucky you! And I love the other gifts, too – what neat placemats! (It is fun to move and get all new stuff, isn’t it?!)

  12. that embroidered tablecloth is beautiful! creativity and style obviously run in your family 🙂

  13. kms

    oh your mum is so clever! and im very impressed with how the placemats came up, i assisted with the colour choices you know 🙂 so glad you had a good one, and am getting very excited about you moving over this end of town!

  14. Ann

    You lucky girl – all those gorgeous gifts. The table cloth is so pretty – your mum is just as creative!

  15. Wow what a post of loveliness – lucky you. Also lucky husby love the mullets. Good luck with the packing.

  16. The embroidered cloth is gorgeous. I can embroider but do it so seldom. It takes longer than knitting to get a fo!

  17. del

    I love the linen matching the tea set–how lovely! What a lot of goodies you scored!

  18. Em

    Wow, your mom’s cloth leaves me in awe. It’s just lovely. And the placemats from George are perfect! Best of luck with the packing and the move. When’s the actual shlepping of the boxes taking place?

  19. Such a gloriously elegant cloth! And such fantastic presents – I’m particularly jealous of the pigs! (I like pigs…)

  20. kim

    Those placemats are so incredible! Good luck with the move. How exciting!

  21. nice stuff! especially the cloth from your mom – that’s to pretty.

  22. Wow! You were richly blessed, weren’t you?Your mum’s handiwork is amazing – will there be photos of the first prize winner?

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