SHOESday: Special Guest Appearance #2

This week, SHOESday is brought to you by my friend Ms S, who wore these fabulous shoes to work last week for our team Christmas party.

Are they not superfantastic!

I had to feature them – particularly because, as you might have noticed, I’m running out of shoes of my own.

These are so fabulously made – not sure if you can see, but the leather sole continues ever so slightly up the sides of the foot, with the seam at the top – so unusual and evidence of a real eye for detail in the designer, I think.

Really very very delicious!


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22 responses to “SHOESday: Special Guest Appearance #2

  1. ooh! They’re really very lovely!I completely forgot that today was Birksday. Oh well – maybe next week!

  2. Lin

    Lovely shoes!I hope that you are feeling better and the move is going OK.

  3. ooh! Me likie v. muchly. You’re right, superb detail!and I forgot Birksday too! Does this mean you are back online or did you pre-post?

  4. Oh my goodness – they are simply gorgeous!!!

  5. FABulous shoes – and I was marveling at what shapely legs rose red has and realised they weren’t yours! it is all very Marilyn Munroe isn’t it?

  6. I recognise those feet! Fantastic shoes! :-))Nancyx

  7. Ok – seeing as they aren’t yours and you don’t spill about the brands of your shoes, (ceptin’to bunk buddies), pray tell what brand are these beauties…..go on.

  8. Those are amazing! What kind are they?

  9. They are very festive shoes, they dhould be worn in a Fifties’ film I think, by a vamp!!!

  10. They are some classy looking shoes. I hope the move is going smoothly.

  11. kim

    OMG! I WANT them! And I don’t even wear skirts! GORGEOUS! And check out the hem of that skirt. Fab!

  12. Very nice! And, of course they have a little bit of red! πŸ˜‰

  13. What size are they? If they are a 7 can you steal them and post them to me?? I LOVE them! I WANT them! I NEED them! NEED.THEM!

  14. Superfantastic, and indeed splendiferous! I love the thought that you might start randomly photographing peoples’ feet all around town…

  15. i’m chuckling over you photographing other people’s shoes! that’s funny and cute. these are blog worthy that’s for sure.

  16. kms

    they are gorgeous. i bet you had fun at your team party taking pictures of peoples feet… nothing weird there πŸ™‚

  17. Oh so pretty!!And you know, I’ve been doing such a lot of thank yous, that I really can’t remember if I’ve properly thanked you for my lovely present! I’m pretty sure I thanked you for your part in the hug, but not sure about the other – so thank you thank you! I love it (and especially love the card)!

  18. del

    Those shoes are spectacular!

  19. Em

    Oh, they’re delicious! Lovely, lovely shoes. It’s back to the time of year over here where all I can wear is boots (not the pretty kind, the steel-toed kind) or sneakers because of the cold and the ice and the slush. Shoesdays at your blog give me hope that the warm, sunny days will come again.

  20. GAWD…I love them! Lucky you~ The tassle almost looks knit πŸ˜›

  21. lilypily

    Yes, gorgeous indeed!

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