SHOESday: Out with the old, in with the new

Forgive me my chipped nailpolish in this photo – a bit like 2008, it’s getting old and tired. Perhaps I should freshen it up tomorrow in time for the arrival of 2009.

Then they will match my shoes – nice and new and ready for action! I had half an hour to shop today in the sales before lunch with friends and was very happy to find these in my size!


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11 responses to “SHOESday: Out with the old, in with the new

  1. oh wow! Spectacular shoes. Very nicely shopped – sometimes you only need 30 mins. Like those red shoes I bought last month – sometimes you just know.See you next year my friend!

  2. My feet are too round for pointy shoes like that. My toes would hang all over the edges! They look like they were made for you. I have been paying attention to my fingernails but neglecting my toenails. Nobody sees them this time of year in the North so I very seldom pay them attention. Happy New Year!

  3. amy

    Oh my, you look all Cleopatra-ish. Have a wonderful New Year!!

  4. Can I just say how unfair it is that you get to wear strappy sandals for New Years? I, on the other hand, wil have my feet encased in clunky (unfashionable) boots, lest I risk frostburn! Love the new shoes.

  5. kms

    they seem like a very appropriate pair of shoes to see in the new year, lets hope they are a good omen! have a good one xxphin

  6. Oh, shiny!I was all geeked that I got to wear my Airwalks with the gold trim yesterday because so much snow had melted.

  7. del

    Ooh, pretty! I love the gold.

  8. 2008 has been a very bad Green shoe year so I have happily lived vicariously through your shoe purchases!! Long my they continue. Happy New Year!!!

  9. Lin

    Happy new year!! xxx

  10. very nice!.. envious as I don some wool socks.. b/c of the cold here…Happy New Year

  11. Beautiful – very Grecian.

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