There has been knitting, honest!

Anyone stumbling across the blog for the first time might be forgiven for wondering if I ever actually do any knitting at all. I do, honest, I really do! Just that I haven’t been able to show it, mostly, or (more recently) I haven’t had very good internet/camera access! But now I’ve got a bit of catching up to do, so I’m going to start with a special project that I am very happy with.

It’s been a little while in the planning, but as it was for a special baby on the way, I had a bit of time. Which was lucky, as it ended up arriving well after the special baby! Oh well, I figured I’d avoid the new baby gift rush, spread the love out a bit more!

Here it is:

Knitting by me, embroidery by my mum (thanks Mum!)

Pattern: Embroidered Kimono from Debbie Bliss Special Knits. I’ve long loved this pattern, so when I discovered that the mother of said special baby thought a chocolate brown edged with pink garment would be great for her baby girl, I thought of this pattern and said a little ‘woo hoo!’ as it meant I could finally knit this (and also use some stash yarn – not all, because clearly I have no pink yarn in my stash!). I also decided to make the 12-18 month old size, so that it would fit the special baby next winter.

I made a couple of minor modifications – I didn’t do a ribbon closure on the front, as I thought that would be a bit awkward for the mumma to tie and also very easy for the baby to untie! So I sewed on a cute button and a ribbon loop, so it was still pretty, but (hopefully) more practical. And I included some extra buttons in case mumma would like to add them. I also used ribbon for the inside ties rather than i-cord – easier and I think cuter!

Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Zara – one of my favourite 8ply/DK yarns! Soft, knits up beautifully, machine washable, great range of colours, and relatively inexpensive for such a lush yarn (well, I think so anyway). I used about 4 balls of the chocolate (col 1663), half a ball of pale pink (col 1392) and some very short lengths of lemon and lime for the flowers – which, yes, I had to buy as well! (you know, I know you all think I’ve got a huge stash, but there isn’t really that much 8ply in it that isn’t jumper amounts!)

Sticks: KnitPicks Harmony options, 4mm (and 3.5 mm for the pink edgings).

Time: 7 September 2008 – 9 December 2008 – of course, with big breaks in between – the actual knitting of this was surprisingly (for me) quick! Just love to knit with the Zara!

What I learnt: It’s so much easier to have your mum do the embroidery! I did have good intentions to do it myself, but when mum came to stay, it was too good an opportunity to pass up! And I’m pretty sure, no, in fact, I know, that it looks much better than it would if I had attempted the flower bits!

And who is this special baby, you might wonder? Click here to see … I think she likes it!


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27 responses to “There has been knitting, honest!

  1. amy

    We LOVE it!! It will be safely packed away in the yarn closet until it fits, and you’re right, it should be sized perfectly for next fall/winter. It’s so beautiful. You and your mum are so talented, and we’re lucky because you are so thoughtful, too. 🙂

  2. It’s so beautiful. A lovely joint effort between you and your clever mum. Well done! The detail, everything, is just perfect.

  3. What a simply gorgeous tunic and what a lucky baby!

  4. That is wonderful! What a stylish baby!

  5. kms

    it is just gorgeous. and so clever. and look at that beautiful zara, makes me want to go knit mine!

  6. I also love this pattern and have it on my mental list of things to make for the dotee. I’m just hoping she returns from all her travelling in hot climates when she’s still small enough for such lovely things. Great colour combination.

  7. that is absolutely beautiful!! especially the embroidery!!!

  8. oh, that is gorgeous! I love the neckline, and the collaborative effort of you and your Mum.lucky little girl, I’m sure it will be treasured well past the “wearing” stage

  9. Lin

    What a lovely knit, the ribbon is perfect isn’t it. I love that yarn too. I have 14 balls of a dark teal blue stashed!

  10. Seriously girl, that is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it with us and the lucky baby!I love it.

  11. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift! Your mum’s embroidery looks perfect, as does your knitting! I love the Zara too, I dream of making a jumper for myself out of Zara, mmmm… 🙂

  12. I saw it on amy’s blog and admired it. It’s beautiful without being cutesy. I love the embroidery.

  13. WOW! That is just stunning!

  14. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: can I borrow your mom? Hahaha! Just kidding – love it ALL! Way too gorgeous. And by an odd coincidence, I bought some Zara today – now I’m even more excited about it!

  15. It’s so lovely! Really. And I don’t believe you – you would have made a lovely job of the embroidery.

  16. I’m about to start a Baby Surprise for a girl-on-the-way… in pink and brown. Apparently it’s the “IN” combo right now!It’s lovely, of course, and how fun to collaborate with your mother on it.In addition to finding my hats, my mother also sews on my buttons. Right handy woman to have around, I must say.

  17. one word – adorable. adorable. adorable.and it when to Amy’s daughter – that’s so nice!!

  18. lilypily

    Oh it’s beautiful. You’ve done an excellent job. So has your mum. That’s one lucky baby.

  19. What a lovely cardigan, I’ve always liked those Debbie Bliss one’s and am in the process of finishing one off myself. Can you tell us where you got the beautiful ribbon from please???

  20. del

    The button is so much more practical–great idea! It is sooooo pretty…Mum did a wonderful job, as did you.

  21. definitely a knit worth waiting for

  22. Wow – isn’t it the sweetest little knitted outfit. You clever, clever girl!!!

  23. This is gorgeous RR! Beatiful colour choices, elegant and neatly avoiding the whole candy pink girlie thing. Lucky, lucky baby!

  24. Fabulous of course!! You and your Mum make a great team.

  25. kim

    What a lucky baby! You’ve really outdone yourself.

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