See – more knitting!

For Christmas in 2006 I made two monogram cushions for husby’s youngest niece (his brother’s daughter) and nephew (his sister’s son). Both kids now have younger siblings (pigeon pairs for their parents) so I figured that I’d better do a cushion for each of them as well. I had a bit of an extension as we weren’t seeing husby’s side of the family for “Christmas” until the new year (phew!).

So H and J join L and S from 2006 – I don’t have a picture of H & J together though as I finished H on New Year’s Day in time for the family Christmas, but only finished J today!

Pattern: Monogram cushion from Erika Knight’s Simple Knits for Cherished Babies – very simple effective pattern – doesn’t even need a button or zip for the closure, that’s how simple it is!

Yarn: The pattern calls for Rowan All Seasons Cotton, which is what I used for the first two cushions. Fortunately, Patons Australia has brought out a very economical yarn which is extremely similar – Patons Washed Haze. Now, the colours aren’t comparable, but those which are available are good basics, and it knits up really well – I might do a yarn review in another post. Each of the new cushions took 5.25 x 50g balls of the Patons Washed Haze – cream for niece H, and denim blue for nephew J.

Sticks: 4.5mm KnitPicks Harmony Options

Time: H: 1 December 2008 – 1 January 2009; J: 25 December 2008 – 10 January 2009 – so both technically 2009 FO’s, although most of the knitting was done in 2008!

What I learnt: Well, I didn’t make any modifications, except for the yarn, so didn’t learn much – except that sewing these up was a lot quicker than I remembered from the last ones!


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13 responses to “See – more knitting!

  1. Nice work. They’re simple and effective aren’t thye? How were they received?I think I need to make a W cushion, don’t you?

  2. kim

    What a great idea! I love that they are simple, clean-lined, and pretty.

  3. amy

    I love these! Yes, Bells, you should make a W cushion. šŸ™‚

  4. Oh dear… I dasn’t show these to my husband. He’ll want a cushion for every one of his nicknames!

  5. This is such a perfect thing for an aunt to do. I love their simplicity and neatness (very ‘inside the lines’)

  6. What a cute idea! And nice work, too! Is filling them/sewing them up hard? I’ll have to look it up – I think they’re a great idea!

  7. RRedLove these cushions!! They are simple, yet effective. Must ask sister Bells to make A, P & W ones. Hint…hint…Bells.Great work clever girl!!

  8. Lin

    They are great. The Washed haze is a nice yarn.

  9. Why is everything RoseRed knits so gorgeous? Because RoseRed has very discerning taste in knitting projects. These are just perfect..

  10. you are a saint! that’s a lot of gift knitting.

  11. Such a cute idea! I love that you’ve made them all matching ones.

  12. Gorgeous cushions. They remind me of Harry Potter for some reason! Must be the H monogram.

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