A golden day

While we were sleeping, our American friends had a golden day. If I didn’t have to work today, I would have sat up to watch the inauguration live (I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet that this US Presidential inauguration was the first ever shown live on each of our free to air television networks). So I recorded it to watch tonight.

Reading GidgetKnits today, I had to copy her inspired idea to “knit the moment into something”. She chose something golden and I had to copy that too – I started the second of my Tantalising Socks – which is the first brown bag from my Personal Sock Club 2009 – sort of cheating, I know, to include something which is half knit, but they are such special socks, I figured they could part of the club.

I thought this project was the right one – socks are humble and practical, they are worn by all no matter what their background, and in the case of this particular pair of socks (due to the great yarn and fabulous pattern), beautiful and clever.
All qualities which I think are appropriate to the new President of the United States. A golden day.


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18 responses to “A golden day

  1. Oh! Lovely! I’m so glad you did this. I did it too and will blog about it tomorrow. Excellent choice of socks. Your reasoning was sound, and more than a little inspirational.

  2. I should add, I didn’t do it to the point of actually re-watching the ceremony. But I watched it (again) on the news and thought a lot about it as I cast on my project as we discussed!

  3. del

    Awww, thanks for your support. It was golden indeed. I love the sock color!

  4. amy

    I couldn’t knit while watching, what with the baby in the sling and the constant barrage of questions from Vaughan (I admit, I wanted him to JUST BE QUIET after a while so I could hear). But I did jump around the living room, baby and all, when he was pronounced President of the United States. I think it’s so cool how much of the world was watching, too.

  5. We are feeling pretty good today. And it’s nice to feel good for a change. I keep looking at the New Pathways book but have yet to start a pair of socks from it. Maybe one of my brown bag socks will be one of those patterns.

  6. Lovely socks befitting a grand occasion!

  7. I put a “Do Not Disturb” sign up and closed my office door so I could watch. The roar from the crowd when the oath was done, I get teary all over again just thinking of it.

  8. that massive crowd giving that roar saw me mist up too.You’ll always think of this event when wearing those socks, Rose

  9. There’s nothing so wonderful and hope and promise fulfilled. I love your swatch!!!

  10. It was a most inspirational occasion – not enough to make me want to switch to a similar presidential system of government, but envious of the ceremony and celebration. (Just to elaborate, I very much want Australia to be a republic, but I don’t want such a powerful president). Frivolously, one of my favourite moments was Aretha’s hat! Glad to hear of progress on the brown bag project.

  11. A very nice idea – knitting for the moment! And a good choice of kntting too.

  12. What a great idea (and a great sock, too)!

  13. I’m kind of thrilled and honoured you liked my idea! I really like your sock – what a terrific thing to knit! And I bet Obama could have used some nice warm handknit socks in that weather!!!

  14. kms

    i only saw the news repeats and i cried. tantalising is an appropriate sentiment as well – his election promises so much, can it ever deliver? nice socks too 🙂

  15. What a sweet sentiment, and a long-anticipated day!

  16. kim

    Lovely socks. It’s nice to see other countries getting so excited about things in the US. Makes one hopeful… Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Lin

    That was such a great idea, I got a bit teary watching it so glad I wasn’t knitting!

  18. such pretty socks! and i like the idea – knit the moment into something. good choice.

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