The NQTMMT Tour, part II

Gather around my blogfriends, for the second part of our house tour. No pushing, there’s plenty of room to spread out, yes, I mean you Donyale! GeekKnitter, no nametag, no tour! Sarah W, I’m not starting the tour until you get off the rocking horse!

Settle, settle. MadMad and Bells, everyone else can’t hear over your giggling. Ok, here we go!

Another big selling point for us was this open plan living/dining/kitchen area at the back of the house. This is a modern addition, done about 15 years ago – the old jumble of small rooms traditional for this type of house was knocked down and this built in place. And done really well – something we really appreciate is the continuation of the high ceilings (at least 11 foot ceilings) and using windows which match the front original part of the house.

The main “problem” with it is all the windows mean there isn’t much free wall – hence this “wall” of cupboards and storage. At first I thought it would be a bit much having all these in a row, but I’m quite pleased with how it looks, particularly with how the blackwood bookcase (another item made by husby’s dad) blends so well with the antique/vintage oak furniture. It will look even better when husby gets around to putting up the pictures!!

I’m not so fond of the bright-yellow-with-crappy-blue-benchtops kitchen, but it’s functional, quite well-designed and has a good amount of storage space, so it will do for some years yet. And I really like being able to cook and watch tv at the same time! (and yes, those are some boxes of stuff from the move underneath the bench there…it’s the rules, isn’t it, to have at least 2 or 3 boxes of crap you can’t find a home for just sitting around for a while after a move? Please say yes!)

Around the corner behind the bookshelf is a little nook with the spare toilet and the laundry. Convenient yet hidden away. Again, no storage in the laundry so have had to improvise. One day we’ll put in a cupboard or two. Another thing for the list!

And finally, I know you’ve all been waiting for this:

Yes, my knitting/sewing room/library! I’m so so so pleased with this room. Let’s move in a little closer:

I love the shape of this room and the windows looking out onto the backyard.

Eventually we’ll put in a to-the-ceiling built in cupboard/bookshelf (with a sliding ladder – squeeeeeeeeee!) in this alcove. But I guess you probably want to see what’s in the cupboards … Be warned, I’m watching you all! NO leaving you unattended here! First up, fabrics, sewing stuff and some good yarn:

All my 8ply and worsted cottons in the basket – I figured I could set them free from the ziplocks. I hope I’m right in thinking moths don’t like cotton?? (please please let that be the case!)

Jumper amounts of yarns in the cupboard in the alcove.

I know some of you might be wondering where the rest of the stash is? Hmmm, a woman has to keep some secrets, I’m sure!!

And that ends the house tour! Did I mention there was a bag search before you leave? Bags please! Thanks for coming along on the tour. Can you tell I’m just a little house-proud?!

For those interested, there’ll be a garden viewing later this week!



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30 responses to “The NQTMMT Tour, part II

  1. Rachel is going to be very cross with the lack of lunc. Was that not included in the cover charge? I feel like i’m in on a dirty secret because I know where the rest of the stash is, well, stashed. he heYou should be proud. It’s a lovely, lovely home and I will come and visit as often as possible to just be there. You’re knitting etc room is just splendid. Next time I visit, you can go somewhere else and I’ll just go sit in your red chair and knit. You don’t mind do you?

  2. It’s beautiful you lucky thing! And that ball of yarn in my bag, I truly don’t know how it got there!!! I’m sure it knew that bags would be searched and was just needing a stroll!

  3. Ooooh your own craft room. I am so jealous. You have a beautiful home.

  4. Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. I have sooooo looked forward to these posts, and they are every bit as spectacular as I thought they’d be. (Well, with the exception of the lack of lunch included in the tour price, of course.) I am going to go get Boy and look at these all again. I am so glad you covered the woodwork above the doorway, because there was just a glimpse of it in one of the first pics, and I was like WHAT’S THAT?! And wow. What is that, indeed? Soooo darn cool, is what. What a spectacular house. And you guys have done such a great job setting it up and decorating – and so quickly! Wow. And what’s it got, like 100 rooms? Love it, and can’t wait for the garden tour!

  5. Wait, wait, wait. You forgot something: above the guest bed, there looks to be a vent of some sort. Is it scrollwork, too? Oh, you know what else? I was just yesterday – before reading your post – regretting I’d missed the centenary of my house, and that I would have loved to have a party! Hope yours is 1909 – that would be a blast! Mine’s 1896-8 (I don’t remember which, but either way, I’m fairly sure I won’t make it to the 200…)

  6. You just let me know if you need a lodger :o)

  7. Lovely.And your blanket looks superb on the back of the sofa.

  8. kim

    I may have stolen a pair of those shoes that I loved. I’m just sayin’… It’s so lovely. I love the openness of the addition. You’ve done a wonderful job of making your home look cozy. Thank you for letting us in.

  9. Em

    Your new house is absolutely gorgeous! I hope you and your husby are happy there, and that the house is good to you. When can I come visit? 🙂

  10. Fine, fine, I’ll wear the nametag… but I’m putting it on upside down! :)Such a lovely lovely home, the light in your craft room must make it particularly amazing.

  11. Let me begin my saying how EXTREMELY jealous I am of your own little study/craft room. Its just gorgeous. I love all the red (of course) and dutifully noticed that even your ball winder is red :DYour house is lovely, well done, what a great find and you have done lovely things with it xx

  12. Thank you for the tour – you have a lovely home.

  13. I refuse to click the heels of my red shoes and repeat “there’s no place like home.” I’d rather go missing from the tour and search for the rest of the stash.

  14. Hrrrmph,,, grumble, blogger wouldn’t post my comment – I didn’t swear that much (Bells poked me in the eye with her knitting needle when I was holding her down demanding she tell me The dirty little Secret Hiding Place).

  15. kms

    its come up truly gorgeous, just lovely, and yes i still have 9 boxes unpacked 4 months later. dahling you dont get moths in roseredsuburb you know… that would be SOOO south-side.

  16. sue

    I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your beautiful home. I think I am jealous that you have such a lovely knitting room too. Now if I could only get the kids to move out of home (oh wait that is about 20 years away) and I could use one of their rooms for my stash and a big comfy chair like yours to knit in. I love the style of your house too, it must be lovely and cool on really hot days.

  17. Oh such a lovely house Jane! I didn’t push or giggle, and I wore my name tag, can I come back for the garden tour? I did touch up your fabric stash but you saw in my bag I didn’t borrow anything, so surely that’s OK?And yes box keeping is perfectly acceptable post-move behaviour. Some people *ahem* might even be prone to moving recently with boxes from a Sydney to Melbourne move some 4 yrs and 2 houses ago. Maybe.

  18. Ohhhh, you have a sewing room (envy envy envy)! I used to have one of those. I gave it up (along with my waistline and all my lovely size seven shoes) when I had children. Now, it’s my big threat when the boys don’t tidy the playroom – I’ll throw all their toys out and take it over for my sewing/knitting/whatever room. Works a treat.The rest of the house is as lovely as anticipated. You have every right to be proud. 🙂

  19. What a fantastic house, they just don’t make them like they used to, all of those lovely details throughout. I hope you have many wonderful and happy years there.I too am jealous of your knitting room and am looking forward to the garden tour.

  20. Lovely. I’ll be there in a week, with just a small bag. I’ll sleep on the couch and cook your food; you’ll barely notice I’m there. (Except for the part where I knit up your yarn. You can even keep the finished product!) Just lovely. You must be thrilled with it.

  21. i am *pea green* with envy over that knitting room of yours!

  22. jp

    I love the whole house, but the knitting/sewing room and the open plan kitchen/dining/lounge is fantastic.

  23. Jan

    Moths in Rosered’s suburb? I live with son and DIL two suburbs up the road from there. DIL hates housekeeping and does as little as she can get away with. In their ten years of marriage they have never had moths in any home, either south or northside, LOL, but owner here was not so particular. Pantry last year was full of them and others fly in from the leafy garden.We’ve done several major cleans and now use those hideously expensive moth traps which are still effective after a year.

  24. Oh, I definitely need to see this in person! Soon. Promise. x

  25. What a gorgeous house!Oh, wait, did I say that before?

  26. I love your new home, it beautiful and spacious. Thought I’d mention since you dont like the yellow of your kitchen you can simply sugarsoap the cupboards and paint over it. There is special paint you can get for cupboards at Bunnings and it is way cheaper then replacing all the doors. My DH said You can give the doors and sides a very light sand and the paint will grip better. Its a cheap way for a great result.

  27. lilypily

    Oh My. I adored the rest of your house, but I’m postively green over your knitting room. How wonderful with all that natural light. LUCKY you. 🙂 Enjoy.

  28. del

    Oh, it’s absolutely lovely! I love that your home is about a century old; they don’t make them like that anymore. And the craft room/library — I’m so jealous. 🙂

  29. I love your house pr0n.I just love it.

  30. What fabulous ‘spaces’ you have! I have the same problem with wall space due to windows and french doors. Love you knitting knook too!

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