I miss my Dad

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my Dad’s death. I always regret not having started to knit socks before Dad died, I would have loved to make socks for him. Although he probably would have found them too hot! He always used to tease mum about being cold-blooded.

But I did finish a big project for him before he died, so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s not exactly to my taste, but it is the sort of thing often made for parents (or for the local show by the stereotypical crochet nannas!).

Yep, a crochet tartan blanket! Actually, you know, I tell a lie about it not being my taste. I’ve often thought about making one of these for myself, but using just two colours, more like gingham. One day, maybe.

Fortunately I noted in the pattern book when I started it – 8 June 2002. I know I gave the unfinished blanket to Dad for Christmas one year, before he had his stroke. And I know I finished it in the weeks after his stroke, I wanted to make sure he had it before the inevitable.

I worked on it at night after we left the hospital, and I had it done in time to give to him while he was in rehab, I think sometime in November 2004. Even though it must have been hot he had it on his bed in the rehab unit, and he even convinced one (obviously gullible!) nurse that he’d made it!

I’m not sure he ever used it as a knee rug (it’s pretty warm – it’s basically a woven 8ply/DK rug, so in effect two layers) – not to mention heavy – but I know he loved it and I’m glad I was able to finish it for him to enjoy for a few more years (details on Ravelry).

I miss my Dad.


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28 responses to “I miss my Dad

  1. Oh my! That is truly beautiful. I actually really like the colours! I am so glad you got to make that for your dad. He sounds like a card, telling porkies like that!I must see this, if you don’t mind, next time I’m visiting. Sean looked over my shoulder and said, ‘that’s amazing!’Isn’t it lovely to be able to make something beautiful for people we love?

  2. I’m off to tell my dad that I love him.Thanks for sharing 🙂 The rug is gorgeous.

  3. You brought a tear to my eyes big hugs you lovely softy you.

  4. The rug is beautiful, I cant imagine even starting one! Dad’s are funny things aren’t they? A hard but thin shell and all soft and goey on the inside. Thinking of you today.

  5. you know I’m thinking of you…beautiful story, and a great rug for memories.take care of yourself at this timemuch loveKyliex

  6. Oh, that’s a lovely story about the rug. I was thinking about my dad too, it was his birthday yesterday, though he died 22 years ago. I still miss him. Dad’s are great, they tell ‘dad’ jokes and tease you and look after you. Your dad sounds very funny!! I’m glad you remember the happy things about him too.

  7. Aw. I’m sorry about your dad. I love the blanket story, though – and you’re completely nuts to compare it to stereotypical granny crochet! It is beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it! LOVE it. And I bet he did, too. Big hugs.

  8. Your beautiful words resonated deeply… Take care and know that I’m thinking of you. x

  9. That is incredible!I know what you mean about wishing to learn to knit before though. My Dad died a few years ago, before I’d started crafting of any sort and I often think how I wish I’d had the chance to give him something I’d made.

  10. That is completely different from what I think of as the stereotypical granny blanket. I wouldn’t have spotted it as crochet from the first photo. It sounds like it is full of good memories of your dad.

  11. amy

    Oh, RR, it’s beautiful and amazing and I have no idea how you did it! I have an idea of how you feel, though. I miss my mom. Sending you lots of love and hugs.xoxo

  12. My parents aren’t the type of people who admire hand made gifts. I wish they were….I couldn’t tell the blanket was crocheted. It looks woven and is gorgeous. I love a good plaid. Hugs and good memories to you today.

  13. sending you a virtual hug

  14. kms

    that rug is just stunning, and im sure he thought so too. hugs xx

  15. It’s beautiful! I would have though it was woven (not that there’s anything wrong with crochet). I’m glad you have this, to remember making something he really liked. Dads can be hard to craft for. Take care

  16. I like having such tangible reminders of family who were loved and are missed. Things that were made by you or them are wonderful reminders of the thoughts and care you had for each other.

  17. Big Hugs to you xxThe blanket is amazing, well done

  18. **Hugs**The blanket is gorgeous.

  19. What a beautiful post. You’ve reminded me of how much I want to knit my dad some socks.

  20. I’ve always wanted to crochet a tartan rug! And it was lovely to read you honour your Dad. Dads are pretty amazing creatures!

  21. kim

    Your blanket is incredible; I’m sure that it was much loved and appreciated. I really enjoyed the story about your father convincing the staff he had made it. It reminded me of something my grandfather would have done. What a lovely post.

  22. I love it and what a special memory it has for you. I ‘favorited’ it on Ravelry too. I keep saying I need to get back to some crochet this only reinforces it!

  23. del

    How lovely! I’m sure he loved having such a special gift from you.

  24. This is an awesome post, thanks for sharing. The rug is lovely, I’m glad you were able to do something for your dad, bless your heart.

  25. This is an amazing blanet and the story behind it is so touching. I was reading your profile, and was interesed in what ‘ISFP’ stood for… so I looked it up, and did the test… and now you know a fellow Scorpio and ISFP personality!

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