A Day in My Life: Saturday 14 February 2009

Or, as it is more commonly known, Valentine’s Day!

Awww, sweethearts! (My favourite is “get real” – heh!). Part of a lovely gift from my valentine, MadMad. Only problem is, I think she might be cheating on me

I didn’t really realise how big the Americans are on Valentine’s Day, until I read about it on various blogs today. It’s nice, but I always think that it’s much nicer to be given chocolates or flowers (or whatever) on any day of the year, as a surprise, rather than on one day a year when everyone gets something (or at least everyone in some sort of relationship!). I guess the beauty of the way Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day is that you can “love” as many people as you want – which is a lovely generous way of looking at things.

Anyway, back to my day. Started with a lovely sleep in. Husby was going to set the alarm last night and I convinced him to turn it off so we could just wake up whenever. What a luxury to still be in bed at 9am!

Showered, put on the first of 4 loads of washing done today, and made some toast for breakfast – with peach jam, for a change – felt like something sweet today (must have been the candy hearts!). Checked blogs and Ravelry while having breakfast – so pleased to see the donations total on Jacqueline’s blog – she is having a fantastic giveaway for bushfire victim donations (via the Red Cross) – for every $10 you get a ticket in her prize draw – fantastic prices like Wollmeise, Sundara, packets of DB Baby Cashmerino, patterns and lots of other great yarny and crafty prizes! So donate, if you haven’t already.

Saw the back page of the SMH, with names and photos of bushfire victims. Every time I see coverage on it, I become teary. Partly because of the terrible terrible losses, but also, now, because of a feeling of pride in the way Australia, and the world, has responded.

I wish we could send some of our rain down there – for most of this week, it’s been around 20degC, and raining. A nice change from the heat of the previous weeks but weird weather to be having in summer. But it does mean I can wear my handknitted socks – huzzah!

Husby and I went to the shops for lunch and to buy a birthday present. And we did the grocery shopping while we were there. Time for a cup of coffee when got home, and husby decided to hang our clock in the lounge room. So because it’s been a while, here’s a husby butt shot for you. As you can see, husby didn’t mind at all. But sorry ladies, he’s all mine!!

We’ve had some bananas getting riper and riper on the bench for the last few days, so I thought I’d better use them up – time for a new recipe – banana bread, from Nigella’s How to be a Domestic Goddess.

While it was in the oven baking, husby made dinner – crumbed chicken, with couscous and vegies. Crumbed chicken is his new specialty, and he does an excellent job at it.

After dinner, time for some knitting while watching Toy Story (husby LOVES his Pixar movies!!). And a lot of the extras too – I love the dvd extras!

Had to try some banana bread with our cup of tea – mmmm, it is good!

And then typing this up, with Nelly asleep on my lap. She makes herself so very comfortable, I hate to disturb her when I have to get up. A good excuse to knit a few more rows!



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17 responses to “A Day in My Life: Saturday 14 February 2009

  1. you know, it’s been too long between butt shots. Glad to see another one! It sounds like a lovely, peaceful day. The cooler weather really makes it possible. So glad to see your McDreamy socks again!

  2. and yes, being slightly drunk together in the kitche does work rather well for us! It’s about letting one person be in charge though. It doesn’t work if we’re both running the show. Tonight, Sean was in charge.

  3. amy

    We don’t make Valentine’s Day into a Whole Big Deal, but it is a convenient excuse to stock up on the chocolate, seeing as how the Christmas chocolate is usually gone by the end of January. 🙂 I like to get a little something for the kids, too. Plus, don’t forget, it’s winter here. We really need something to perk up the month, y’know?

  4. My sweetie and I don’t really do much for Valentine’s day, although Amy’s right, it’s a good way to replenish the chocolate suppy! It sounds like you’ve had a lovely day, now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to the store to see if I can find some ripe bananas!

  5. kms

    a perfect day really! banana bread, crumbed chicken and a butt shot. it looks to me likes he actually posing for that. he is, isnt he?!

  6. Sounds like you had a great day.

  7. i reckon he’s posing too Kylie. I thin Husby loves being an internet star.

  8. hehe…great butt shot!your day sounds lovely, just the right balance of everything good!

  9. kim

    What a good sport your husband is – first the butt shot AND he made dinner. Awesome! Lovely bits of knitted goods as well. A fine day, I’d say.

  10. I think the advertisers make a much bigger deal out of it than DH and I do! I think last year we went out for lunch and hot chocolate, son & all.

  11. I love Toy Story too! Any of that great look banana bread left over?

  12. Happy Valentines! (for 2 days ago!)I recieved my lovely MadMad parcel on Valentines day, ecause we got back that day!Still catching up – adore the socks (must get the book_ and the ?shawlette?Nice butt shot!

  13. When I was younger Valentine’s Day seemed so much more important. Now, i like getting flowers or chocolate (or any little gift) just because my husband felt like it and not becuse he felt pressured into it. I’ve always given little tokens to my kids because the day is about Love. They are grown now but they look forward to those boxes of chocolates.

  14. Sounds like a lovely day – and thanks for the butt shots, they’re always welcome!

  15. del

    What a splendid day you had! I hate to disturb the kitty, too, when she looks so comfy.

  16. What a lovely day you had. Sounds perfect.Libby

  17. sounds like a lovely day! i’m slow reading and commenting on your ‘day’ posts but i love reading them.keen to see how your Leisel turns out. i think it’s such a pretty pattern.

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