Orange Market Bag

I made this bag for the Ravelry Aussie Knitters Orange swap last month and I was pretty happy with it, I have to say. It’s probably way over-engineered for a simple market bag (there are much easier patterns out there) but it’s a really nicely constructed bag, and so very pretty, which makes it great for a gift or a more “special” sort of market bag!

Pattern: Strawberry Market Bag by Aryn Morse (Rav Link) (blog link). Really nice details in this bag. It is knitted from the top (picot edge) down, and finished with a circular base.
The handles are knitted separately, with eyelets threaded with ribbon, and sewn on. The pattern has only one longer handle, but I thought two shorter handles would be more practical for my pal.

Yarn: Just over 2 x 50g balls of Moda Vera Soya, colour 04. I saw this yarn in Spotlight, and loved the colour – thought it would be good for the orange swap (and I am on such an orange kick right now!). I’ve never knit with soya yarn (well, not 100% soya). It’s quite similar to bamboo yarns in terms of drape and slipperiness, and can be a bit splitty but I seem to be able to manage that ok. It’s got a bit of a halo, and is sort of “sticky” when knitting with it. Hard to explain, but it leaves my hands feeling almost dirty after I knit with it – I know that doesn’t make it sound very pleasant, but it’s not bad at all!! The knitted fabric feels really nice.

Sticks: A whole range of sizes! Thank goodness for interchangeables! 3mm for the straps, 3.5mm for the base, 4mm for the picot edge and 5mm for the bag body (I think…). The soya is a 4ply/fingering equivalent, and I wasn’t sure how stretchy it would be, so knit at a slightly tighter gauge than the pattern suggests.

Time: 12-24 January 2009. As it was for a swap, and I was coming up against the deadline, I mostly knit on this project during this period – so you can see that (a) I’m a slow knitter (!) and (b) it is a bit more time consuming than many other market bag patterns. But so pretty!
What I learnt: A really handy technique for picot edges!! I was so pleased with myself! The pattern has you do a provisional cast on using a spare cable or circular needle, rather than waste yarn. The technique is the same though, and as I’d never done it, I followed the tutorial on and watched the video about 5 times before starting myself!

It was a bit tricky knitting the first row, but I got there, and the more rows you do, the less awkward it becomes having the cable sort of flapping there.

When you are ready to turn the picot edge, you just attach a needle to the cable holding the cast on stitches, and knit the live stitch and the cast on stitch together, thereby making the picot edge!

So clever! I felt like such a knitting genius when I’d knit right around the picot edge and had this!

I will be far less scared of picot edges now, because of this great method!!



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19 responses to “Orange Market Bag

  1. It’s FANTASTIC! Well done. I’m so very impressed, the colour, the construction, the mods, the ribbon through the eyelets – and the base! I like the way you came to terms with the picot edge – exactly how I didn’t when i was doing the red socks. Nice one.

  2. What an interesting construction, what with the circular base and all.I’ll definitely have to bookmark that pattern. Just not committing myself to when I might get around to it.Well done.

  3. Em

    Wow, that looks like it was quite the project for a bag. I’ll bet your swap partner appreciates all the lovely touches, like the ribbon through the handles (aren’t two short ones easier to actually carry things with than one big one?) and the edging. And the orange color is great!

  4. that is a clever way of doing picot, isn’t it?love this bag, your recipient was one lucky swapper 😉

  5. I love picot edges but have never dared try them. After your experience, and your description of it, I now feel a little more courageous and can see them as a possibility.

  6. That is a lovely bag – such great little details to make it look really polished.

  7. Oh, very nice! And love the tutorial! Your comment about sticky hands gave me a giggle – I’m knitting with camel now… and practically want to SHOWER after each … bout.

  8. I did my first picot edge as part of a KAL, too, and I still remember how chuffed I was!Don’t they come out great? Now I want to use one for more mittens.

  9. Pretty!! With ribbons, no less. Now I want one. Lovely work on the details. Don’t you feel clever, now, for figuring out that hem? Think of the possibilities!

  10. Le sac maraicher est tres chic! [translation: “The market bag is very stylish”; it just cried out for a response in French! LOL]Well done!

  11. Ann

    The bag is gorgeous – love it! The picot edge construction is really interesting – hvae to give it a try. Thanks for the links.

  12. That’s a terrific market bag! I love them. Just imagine it filled with fresh vegetables and the obligatory baguette!

  13. kms

    oh i love me a good picot. that one is very clever. beautiful bag, so well made. nice work!

  14. Love the details on this – especially the ribbon threaded handles and that is a great way to knit a picot edge

  15. It’s such a lovely bag and I think the ribbon threaded through the handles is perfect. Clever picot edging, I’ve never seen that technique before!!

  16. you really must be out of shoes. I came looking for a shoesday post… 😦 Surely you need to buy new ones?

  17. then I realised today is Wednesday. Duh.

  18. then I realised today is Wednesday. Duh.

  19. Gosh, it looks way too cute for a simple old market bag! Some fancy Italian deli, or French outdoor cheese market maybe?

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