You are 16, going on 17

Ah, if only I was 16, going on 17, wouldn’t my life be different…

But since I’m not, who might I be talking about? Why, Liesl of course!

Fastest.cardi.ever! (helped a bit by a few days off work – but still…)

I was so pleased with it I wore it to work today even though I haven’t got buttons yet, but a lovely brooch serves a very nice closure purpose!

Pattern: Liesl by Ysolda Teague (Ravlink) (website link). This is a great versatile pattern, large range of sizes and a couple of options for necklines and sleeve lengths. And knit from the top down entirely seamlessly. What’s not to love!

Yarn: 2.3 balls of Lion Cotton (each ball is about 140gm) in colour 133, Paprika. I love this colour! I did have some reservations about it in a garment for me, I did think there was a risk I might look like an orange. But I decided I didn’t care. And I love it! And even better, I have these great earrings which I hardly ever wear which match perfectly! Squeeee!

Needles: 7mm KnitPicks Harmony Options.

Time: 11-25 February 2009 – see, I said it was a quick knit!

What I learnt: Top down seamless garments are the best!! The yoke part did feel like it took forever, until I put the sleeve stitches on holders. Then it was quicker. And when I finished the first ball of yarn, I did the sleeves in the round before I finished the body.

Modifications: I decided not to do the garter ridges in the feather and fan pattern all the way down the body and sleeves, as the pattern specifies. I decided that for the fuller figure, the extra lumps probably weren’t a good idea! So I did 3 repeats with the ridge around the neck, the base of the sleeves and the bottom of the body, and I think it’s a really nice feature.

And since I was having fun with the timer on the camera, I thought I’d better do a supermodel hunchy pose – although I’m not sure I quite got the hunch right!! I was trying to remember my neck!


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29 responses to “You are 16, going on 17

  1. LOVE IT – the red is fab and you did such a great job

  2. oh! So good! It looks so good on you (with matching earrings!). I must have one. This hsa been so fast. i thought my Something Blue was fast but this was like lightning. I would avoid the bumpy purl rows too. Nicely done RoseRed!

  3. Gorgeous colour – love the matching earrings too!

  4. Very nice sweater…I like it a lot..and the color is perfect for you…

  5. Such fun. Colour is great – and you’ve excelled yourself with your modelling and styling – the earrings, brooch, black underneath with the touch of brown – super!

  6. zingalingeliminating some of the garter ridges was an inspired modification

  7. Oh well done! It suits you so well, and any excuse to wear those fabulous earrings is a good thing!

  8. wow. speed knitting! That is gorgeous.

  9. Oh, it looks FAB! And orange is THE in color now, too; I was just noticing at the PTO meeting last night all the cool chicks had orange accents – bags, coats, scarves. (I was in my usual… brown.)

  10. amy

    I don’t get the title. Did it take 16 days? Am I dense? An insurance company here is using that song in an ad about making teen drivers more safe. So that’s all I can think of!I don’t think you could pay me to go back to being 16. OR 17. Yech.Oh, but, very nice sweater!! That was the point of the post, right? I’m such a rambler. 😉

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Ohhhhh – nice brooch 😉 loverly loverly coloured cardi.

  13. Hey, you got that neck shot right on! I’ve been thinking about this cardigan and yours is adding to the reason why it might be a good idea!

  14. kms

    oh very super-modelly shots! if only supermodels wore such lovely things that they made themselves. very inspiring, i am looking forward to making one of these, and now you will be able to show me the bit about the garter ridges. great work!

  15. Very cool!! and tres cool colour,especially with matching earrings 🙂

  16. Em

    Pretty, pretty sweater! It’s such a great color, I admire your willingness to wear such an orange shade of red. I talk a good game, but I’m always conservative with the colors of my wardrobe (except for shoes. those can be pretty colorful). I like the garter rib details, it makes the sweater look finished, in a polished kind of way. Well done!

  17. That is truly a beautiful knit.BTW, do you know anything about blocking bamboo?

  18. yay – great work speedsterI bought this pattern when it first came out – why is mine not done? Oh yeah I haen’t cast it on yet… soon!

  19. Jan

    That looks just great. And for a laugh here’s Dame Judy Dench singing that song.impboy Really, what sort of verification is that? LOL

  20. nice stuff!!Shawls and Scarves

  21. It looks fantastic – love the supermodel ‘hunch’! I really enjoyed making my Liesl too, so nice to make something speedy sometimes!

  22. Truly stunning RR. And the cardigan looks great too! 😉

  23. It’s gorgeous, one of those sweaters that non-knitters can’t believe you made for yourself.

  24. lilypily

    Gorgeous!!!! That colour SO suits you. You look fabulous in it. Well done! It looks wonderful.

  25. You are 16 going on 17,Baby it’s Cardi time,People you meet will tell you it’s sweet,Nothing with orange will rhyme.You are 16 going on 17,Knitted up so divine,Love all the lacey holes they’re so spacey,Do wear it all the time!!!

  26. kim

    Beautiful cardigan, lovely color. You wear it well.

  27. Beautiful – and so fast!

  28. PS: “I was trying to remember my neck!” You crack me up! 🙂

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