Keeping Track – February 2009

Oh dear, is it March already? That means it’s time to come clean on the stash. Again. And thanks to various sales, it’s been a good? bad? month for the stash enhancement.

Grignasco Tango in a lovely charcoal, bought on sale from Clegs in Melbourne.

Rowan Kid Classic in Smoke (black), bought on sale from Cassidy’s in Canberra (thanks Bells!). Should have taken it out of the bag, but didn’t want to break the seal!

And Rowan True 4ply Botany, lovely shade of red, from eBay.

So, to it:

In: 26 x 50g balls of yarn
Out: 10 x 50g balls of yarn

YTD: 25.5 x 50g balls (and, sigh, I can already tell you March is not going to be any better!).



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12 responses to “Keeping Track – February 2009

  1. oh it’s all lovely! but I rather like that Botany very much! You are BAAAAAD but I do recall a moment today where you said, ‘should I?’ and I did not discourage you.

  2. ohhhhhh hanging out together? I am very jealous! I am on a very strict stash diet due to impending unemployment. I dont know how I will cope, maybe I will stop eating???

  3. Oh, I do love reading your stash confession, er I mean, enhancement posts. Not because they make me feel better or anything. No, not at all…

  4. That charcoal Grignasco Tango looks wonderful. Do you have plans for it?

  5. Ah, but at least you have good taste, right?

  6. amy

    Oh, but the Rowan, it’s so purty!! Who could resist?ps your word verification is “red is mob”

  7. Very pretty yarns and in the best taste too!

  8. Em

    Maybe you could talk George into blogging her stash intake periodically? That might make you feel a little better. I seem to remember a car’s trunk full of yarn a while back. I figure if it makes you happy and it’ll get knitted eventually, it’s an investment. Especially when the zombies invade and there is much less new yarn to be had.

  9. The Rowan is such a perfect shade of red – how could you resist?

  10. Oooh, you have some lovely stuff there. I’ve just found the perfect pattern for your Rowan 4ply too in the new Twist Collective, go check out Blossom (sorry I can’t get the link to work for some reason).If I could knit socks I would definitely be making those…maybe it’s time to learn!

  11. I like to think of it as insurance. Just in case all the sheep go bald or something, you are set. You made some gorgeous acquisitions there.

  12. i love it all! even the red Botany. you were GOOD bad. which the best kind of bad!

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