Was it a long lacy summer?

Lucky I’ve got this blog, or else I’d have thought I did next to no lace knitting this summer, in Bells’ unofficial long lacy summer KAL. But looking back the other day, I realised that even though I made absolutely no start on this grand plan, I did actually knit (or crochet) a lot of lace. Just not with laceweight yarn!

It started with this:

Then there was this:

And this:
And this:

AND this:
(see, I told you I was on an orange kick!

The thing that strikes me as I look back on these projects (most of which I have to admit were not chosen with the Long Lacy Summer in mind) is that how versatile lace knitting really is. It’s not just gorgeous airy shawls in fine yarns, but is very adaptable to different weights of yarns and different items, like socks, bags and garments. Without even really meaning to, what a lovely lacy time I had!


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20 responses to “Was it a long lacy summer?

  1. Gosh so you did. It’s good to see it all in one post like that because I don’t think I realised how much you’d done either. the forest canopy seems like SUCH a long time ago! Great round up!

  2. It’s beautiful. All of it.Blogs are great for accountability, if nothing else!

  3. yes indeedy.what a lovely range of items you have made.a fine showcase of lacy versatility,not to mention of your abilities.

  4. What a productive summer! Wow – you got a lot done, and they’re all beautiful!

  5. amy

    That is a lot of knitting! Good for you. Beautiful stuff.

  6. oh i love the fabulous 40’s scarf! at first it thought it might be a midwest moonlight but then i looked again and the stitch seemed different. anyway it’s gorgeous! and also the Botch Scarf is cool – it drapes so beautifully! and i agree it looks very modern. Jane that’s a lot of knitting! i’m still slogging away on the Moorish Diamonds – well it’s not really a slog it’s fun to knit – but you know how slow i am. so i’m impressed!

  7. Ooh, so much loveliness all together in one post! I especially love the Forest Canopy shawl – such pretty colours!

  8. So much lace! I feel a bit of a swoon coming on!

  9. Em

    Isn’t incidentally accomplishing your goals great? You get to feel twice as clever as normal, because even you didn’t realize you were doing such a great job! Your range of lace is beautiful, and impressive.

  10. kms

    what lovely things you have made, and all without even meaning to ๐Ÿ™‚ you should enter something in a show somewhere, that boteh goes down quite well i hear!

  11. You really did a lot! And it’s not all orange ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Wow!! So much lave, what a very productive ULLS you had!!

  13. So impressively productive. I remember commenting on the fabulous forties scarf when you made it, and I think it is still my favorite. And I love lace made from non-lace-weight yarn – often it means you see the pattern more clearly.

  14. Yep, lace is very versatile. Most people say: “I could never do that” when suveying a lace-weight knit, but it would be hard to find a knitter who has never once knitted something with YOs!Yours are all different but all equally beautiful.So is it now time for cables and stranded colour work? For Aran and Fair Isle and Nordic and…

  15. you’ve had a prolific summer!so many beautiful items, and the lovely, serendipitous lace-making as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I was quite a slacker in the summer of lace. I didn’t finish the one lace shawl I started. In my defense, I knit several pairs of socks with lace patterns and got caught up in the holiday/gift knitting thing. And the shawl is a dark color which I found hard to work on in the waning winter light. That’s enough excuses. I’ll probably pull it out now that the sun has chosen to return.

  17. Ann

    You have done very well in your lace knitting. You have made me realise how versatile lace is – from shawls to garments to bags – wow! Love your Liesl – looks great on you.

  18. OMG, I LOVE that orange scarf. It’s to die for and looks so dramatic in that block colour.I guess the next project is to knit a fishing net?

  19. Hurrah for blogs – isn’t it amazing how quickly you forget what you’ve made, or classify it in a certain way. Lovely projects all (and lovely yarns too in the last post :o)

  20. kim

    Wow, so many beautiful projects. I especially love the scarves. You do really lovely work with both knitting and crochet.

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