Half done Hedera

I was pretty happy when I pulled this brown bag out of the personal sock club drawer a few weeks ago.

I’d just joined a new Ravelry group for lovers of Cookie.a sock patterns and I’ve seen some great Hederas around – I thought this yarn would work really well for the lace pattern – variegated but very subtly, so as not to compete with the lace.

And yay, I was right! (well, at least, I think so!!). Interesting how photos show up things more prominantly (like the purple stripe around the leg) that are not nearly as obvious in real life!

I’m really pleased with the way this sock has knitted up. I wasn’t that keen on the pattern at first – for some reason I couldn’t remember the stitches and it just wasn’t flowing. But I kept at it and it didn’t take long to come together in my head, and onto the needles.

Now I just have to cast on – and finish – the second sock…

And speaking of sock yarn, looky what arrived for me in the mail yesterday:

Lovely lovely Cascade Heritage sock yarn from Geek Knitter! I was lucky enough to be a winner in her blog giveaway and she assures me the random number generator picked this yarn for me – it was clearly meant to be! I love it and am really excited to be trying this yarn!


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23 responses to “Half done Hedera

  1. What purple stripe? I can barely see it. Although photos do tend to make you see what is not normally visible to the naked eye. I find some amazing patterns in quilts that I wouldn’t have seen but for the viewfinder.Lovely, lovely sock!

  2. oh look at the purple stripe! Is it obvious in real life now that you’ve seen it? Not that it’s really vivid, but yeah, how about that?And Geek Knitter’s gift to you is lovely!! I wonder how that knits up?

  3. Oh, that’s such a pretty sock! The pattern’s been on my list for a while – you know she has a book coming out, right? Should be fun!

  4. Your sock looks great, another great pair to add to your collection. The Cascade Heritage looks beautiful too, it will be good to see what you make with it, I bet your fingers are itching already!

  5. Beautiful sock in a gorgeous pattern; I’ll have to add it to my queue now! Can random number generators really choose someone’s favourite colour? LOL

  6. I love the colors of your hederas. I’ve wanted to try that pattern for a while, too. Cookie writes amazing patterns.

  7. You are SO on schedule with your personal sock club – I’m keeping track! The Hedera looks wonderful – will you wear them when finished, and if so, with what?

  8. Lovely Hedera! And I like the shifting colours – I find it really difficult to knit with solids now, because I just like watching the colour variations. Have you ordered Cookie A.’s book?The Cascade Heritage is very cute too!

  9. amy

    I want to try Cascade Heritage, too, but haven’t gotten around to ordering any yet. I figure I must try it though, since I’m such a fan of 220, right? šŸ™‚

  10. I swear on my geeky soul, that’s the yarn that came up! I laughed out loud when I saw it on the top of the list, which earned me some strange looks from my fellow pub-patrons.I hope you enjoy it!

  11. your hedera is very pretty!! i’ve always wanted to knit this pattern but never gotten around knitting it.

  12. I keep meaning to knit that pattern – but life keeps getting in the way – along wioth a zillion other patternsIt may not happen overnight…..Love the sock yarn – mmmmm!

  13. del

    What a gorgeous sock! You’ve inspired me to check out that pattern. I think you picked the perfect yarn for it.

  14. Oh love the browns, very nice and autumn-ish.

  15. kim

    Oh, that sock is amazing! What beautiful, tiny stitches…

  16. kms

    LOVE the hedera, just gorgeous, i hope i can make something even half as nice as that one! and look at that cascade, oh my!

  17. The camera does tend to focus one’s eye on the object, but the Hedera is the perfect pattern for this wool. Oh the prize is Fate!!!!

  18. wow – what a great sock and I cannot wait to see how the cascade knits up, it is a great red.

  19. Great sock and your such a fast knitter! I’ve got some Cookie A. socks on needles and taking forever. Might be because I knit on too many other projects!Cascade Heritage is nice yarn. I am knitting a rectangular shawl with it now. The red color mix is pretty.

  20. lilypily

    I just love this sock. The yarn and pattern are just made for each other. Gorgeous Red from Andrea there too. I was also one of her lucky recipients and am tickled with her random selection for me too. I can see some stunning red socks coming up in your future….. šŸ™‚

  21. Ann

    The sock looks great & the colors are gorgeous. The Cascade Heritage looks nice & soft & I have been wanting to get some.

  22. Love your Hederas – definitely one of the patterns I’ve tried that I would make again and I’m off to join that Rav group :o)

  23. The Hedera looks great in that yarn. I was trawling sock patterns yesterday and came close to casting on for these – and now your sock is making me wonder whether I should have! The red yarn looks amazing too.

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