The adventures of the lonely sock

Dear Gentle Readers

Today I’d like to share with you the tale of the lonely red sock. ‘Tis a tale full of adventure, action sorrow, drama, tragedy, and of course, true love and personal fulfilment.
The sock, it is true, was just as pretty as all its neighbours in the wooded village of Sockdrawr. Sockdrawr was but a small village, both in size and in the closeness of the living quarters. But it was a very exclusive area, as only handknitted socks were permitted to live in Sockdrawr. LonelySock didn’t mind this though, as she didn’t know any different.
What LonelySock did mind was that all the other socks in Sockdrawr had a mate, a life-partner, someone to keep them warm at night. Sometimes, one of the pairs of socks would leave the confines of Sockdrawr and have an adventure, and when they returned, LonelySock would hear them whispering about it to each other. And sharing experiences with the other pairs of socks. But not with LonelySock.
LonelySock decided to do something about it. She would have an adventure, and hopefully find her other half, a sock with she could live in harmony until the ultimate fate of all socks, only whispered about as “Worn Through”. Or sometimes “Felted”. LonelySock didn’t exactly know what these words meant, just that they were bad. The socks didn’t like to speak of them.
One day, while all the other socks were sleeping, she crept out of Sockdrawr. She had wrapped up all her worldly possessions to take with her and she entered out of Sockdrawr, and even out of the district of Howse – she’d never been out of Howse before, except way back when she was a skein, she vaguely remembered being in a different district, AnotherHowse, and a trip in a BigCar, before she arrived at Howse.
LonelySock was a little bit scared when she was outside of the confines of Howse. “It’s a big world”, she thought to herself. But she whistled a jaunty tune as she jumped down the stairs.
She was lucky to just be out of the way of a lowflying Qantas. It gave her a terrible shock, but at least now she knew what the noise was that she had often heard in a distance when she was back in Sockdrawr.
She was intrigued to come across a miniature grey beast in the wild. She heard others call it an Elefant. And even that Elefants were the biggest animals in the world. She thought that must have been a mistake, as she was bigger than the Elefant.
She went in search of her mate – she knew there had to be a mate out there somewhere for her. But where?
She tried exclusive snooty clubs
She drank tea in little cafes
She went to wine bars. That wasn’t such a good idea…
She was started to despair of ever finding the One. Feeling a bit low, and acting on an age-old theory, she went shopping in WoolworthsinDoubleBay. She couldn’t believe it. Just as she put the bananas in the top of her shopping cart, her toe locked toes with a sock across the aisle. (cue the rising music)
It was love at first sight! She wasted no time in getting to know the One.
She was so happy she had finally found her sole mate. All that awaited them was the ceremony which would bind them together forever, their ultimate fulfilment in life.
The BeingWorn ceremony. The ultimate sign of their commitment to each other.
And they lived happily ever after.

Roll credits…thanks to Kylie, without whom this story, and the happy ending, would not have been possible.



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37 responses to “The adventures of the lonely sock

  1. How sweet! and what a happy little sock she looks, even without the whole seeing an elefante thing!

  2. Oh what a tale: it's up there with P&P, Gone with the Wind, Romeo and Juliet!!! I feel you should read this wondrous sock story while listening to this music:

  3. Aww. A cute ribboned sock like that shouldn’t have to be alone.

  4. Thanks for the giggle!

  5. “Sole mate”. Groan!Lovelovelove this post. .

  6. What a wonderful Friday morning story! True love and a happy ending. (sounds like the Princess Bride). And very pretty socks. I love the bow detail.

  7. Bwahahahaha. “The Being Worn Ceremony.” Bwahahahahahahaha. Thanks. Needed this on a Friday. Will laugh off an on, at odd moments, all day. Bwahahaha.

  8. Oh dear god… I was doing OK until I got to the knapsack. Now my husband is more convinced than ever that I am irretrievably mad!Love it!

  9. What a lovely story, I do like a happy ending!

  10. “her sole mate” hahahahaha you slay me – Great Socks!

  11. Ah bless you Rose Red, sometimes I think I’m crazy – good to know I’m amongst friends :o)PS do your bananas wear red socks too?

  12. The socks in amongst the sheets! I kind of want a print of that for the bedroom… is that bad?

  13. cute tale :)love that mates were found in Woolies (get it, get it?!!!)may they live happily ever after

  14. Jan

    What a great laugh! Thank you so much.Did she become legless after visiting the wine bar? LOLI love the happy ending too.

  15. A delightful story, charmingly illustrated. Thank goodness, those who like happy endings weren’t disappointed.

  16. This is THE bestest blog post I’ve read in ages. LOVE the photos and the story was just charming! I am feeling very sorry for my one and only lone handknitted sock right now!!

  17. What a fantastic post, I just loved it. Can’t wait for the next installment…. (please)

  18. oh so good! Where do I start? Sole mate. Beautiful. Woolworths in Double Bay. Wow. Who knew?I have to say, she did jump into bed with her sole mate rather quickly, but I guess sometimes we just know when we’ve found The One.I am sure they will be blissfully happy together forever and ever.the little knapsack just made me laugh and laugh.

  19. The Joy of Sox.he he

  20. There she is living the dream. What a sock!!!

  21. kms

    hehe, very happy to see they ended up in bed together, and i think the black ribbon is the right choice, very nice. one looks bigger than the other tho….oops.

  22. I should have known I wouldn’t be the only one thinking “Joy of Socks”!

  23. lilypily

    The knapsack did me in too. Oh and Bell’s comment. LOL. Lovely socks, worth the wait. 🙂

  24. What a cute story; thanks for sharing – it sure made me smile! I’m a sucker for a happy ending!

  25. Ooh! Soxy story! Mayeb you should have put a NSFW warning on it though. I’m not too sure how my employer will feel about the sock pr0n in those final photos 😉

  26. PS Just kidding about the NSFW warning…

  27. Ann

    That's a lovely sock story & such a happy ending – beautiful red socks !

  28. Aww, what a sweet story, RoseRed! I shall tell of the heart-wrenching story of Lonely Sock to all the lonely socks in my drawer, and tell them that not all hope is lost (and perhaps take them to Double Bay Woolies!) 🙂

  29. Oh, my freakin’ word! I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had with this post. I just came home to 700 emails I don’t want to read… and clicked over here instead, and this. was. so. much. FUN!

  30. ROFLMAO, you’ve just given me a bellyache I’ve laughed so much. So glad it’s found it’s mate!! LOL

  31. Too cute! I especially love the episode in the wine bar! And the little knapsack!x

  32. I too noted the scarlet nature of the single sock – it was obviously love at first sight!Is this what happens when a successful corporate woman ends up after all these years with a little time on their hands? I hope so, I love it so far. What a fun post – the plane and the knapsack and the elefant – so cute.

  33. OK. I think I’m on my fourth read, at this point. Do you know I still laugh EVERY TIME at that “wooded village” part. And several other ones, too. The rest of the time I’m smiling. You have to publish this somewhere so it doesn’t go to waste. Yarnival? Is there still a Yarnival?

  34. snort sock p0rn and a happy ending !

  35. Aww, what a cute story! Are there going to be little mini socks (keyrings? tree decorations?) in the sock’s near future?And I love the Shelley tea service!

  36. This is really awesome.

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