A Day in My Life: Tuesday 14 April 2009

The 14th of the month has rolled around again – that means it’s a month since I finished work. My how time flies. Especially when I’m sleeping – I didn’t wake up this morning until 9.30am! Obviously making up sleep time from yesterday, when I was up at 5.30am (nothing more exciting than because I couldn’t sleep…)

So a slow start to the day, but since it was a lovely sunny one, I put on a load of washing – line dried sheets are the best!

There’s a little bit going on in the garden right now – this lovely little violet – which became obvious after we’d weeded the garden bed on the weekend.

And isn’t this the most perfect gardenia? It’s the only one on the bushes right now – don’t know if it is a late bloom or an early one!
I’d love to have it in a vase inside but I know it would only wither and go yellow within in a day so I’ve left it on the bush to admire from my kitchen window.

Wrote my daily to do list then sat down to have a quick look at emails and blogs and about an hour later (sigh – where does the time go?) thought it was time for breakfast!! I’m going to have to limit my computer time every day, because I get sucked into Ravelry or whatever and find I get nothing done during the day.

Tidied up around the house, showered, got the mail in, emailed my former boss about catching up for lunch soon, and then decided it was time for my own lunch. I wasn’t very hungry, and I’d been reminded about apples and peanut butter recently from some blog or other – I’ve never had it, but have wanted to since the West Wing episode where all the schoolkids are locked in to the White House because of some security scare and it’s kind of a running joke.

So I was a bit hesitant about trying it – do I dip the apple in the PB, or do I spread the PB on the apple? I opted for the spread, and after the first bite I wasn’t sure, so figured I should try it again. And before I knew it, this happened:

Hmmm, I quite like apples and peanut butter.

My mum phoned about our trip to Tasmania – checked the flights and found some on sale and booked them quicksmart – so we’ll be winging our way down there in May. It’s for her birthday, she wants to visit a few friends down there – and I hope I’ll be able to do that too!

Time for coffee, and a leftover Easter Nest (you can read about those here, if you haven’t already!). The final season of Buffy is on foxtel, and look, here’s lovely Giles in his drizabone. It’s funny that I have all of the Buffy episodes on DVD, but I still watch them on foxtel, with ads and all.

Husby got home early tonight, as I was ironing his work shirts – when he first started working, he would only wear white shirts, and the occasional blue one. I tried and tried to get him to buy some coloured or patterned shirts but he wouldn’t go for it. Until we went to New York a couple of years ago, and he bought 5 (yes FIVE) coloured and/or patterned shirts! Not the most out there ones, but really nice shirts. I was so happy, and he loves wearing them – now he leaves the white and blue ones until last. Of course, they are starting to look a bit worse for wear around the cuffs and collars, so we’ll have to get some more.
(The green checked on is my favourite – I know it looks a bit gingham in the pic, but it’s not!)

It’s been a week since I did the grocery shopping, so the fridge is a bit empty. Decided to make pizza for dinner – I’m quite pleased with this recipe, which makes it, base and all, from scratch. Yum! We ate the whole thing between us, with a nice glass of wine…or two.

Ended the evening with some knitting, some tv, and of course blogging this. Hope you all have had a great Tuesday (or have a great one ahead of you, if you are reading this in the morning!)


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12 responses to “A Day in My Life: Tuesday 14 April 2009

  1. That sounds like a top day!

  2. My husband only wore white shirts for the longest time. Then he moved onto “blue shirt wednesday” and then I surreptitiously slipped some colored shirts into the closet and he wears them once in a while. Slow progress, but still progress. He likes the colored shirts but the white ones are easier to match to a tie!

  3. Oh no, you do that too! I always end up watching things on commercial TV that I have on DVD. It is kind of bizarre, isn’t it?

  4. amy

    That sounds like a very restful day. How nice to look out your kitchen window and see a flower. It’s always nice to be washing dishes and have something interesting to look at, isn’t it?

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day. When you’ve spent most of your life in paid employment, it’s such a luxury to be able to puddle along and just let the day make its own pace.

  6. peanut butter and apple? Oh I think I’d eat more apples if I tried that combination.And you ARE going to Tassie? Well there you go. I’m glad you mentioned it because you didn’t yesterday!The violet is so very pretty. It’s lovely to weed and see what emerges.

  7. kms

    a very productive day i think. we have similar issues here about shirts too. and i think i want that pizza recipe!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day! And your yard is so gorgeous!

  9. glad I’m not the only one – still watch Buffy [ and Dr Who and Torchwood ] on Foxtel despite having them all on DVD

  10. I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter. Used to ate a lot of it when I was a little kid. Maybe I got sick of them. Hehe. Btw, where did you get the pizza recipe from? It looks yum!!! ^_^

  11. It is so easy to while away the day!! I often have ‘breakfast’ at 11am: this morning I made pikelets!!!Like you, I am forced to watch things I already own on DVD when they come onto Real TV. It is a reptilian urge left over from times when there were no videos or TV shows, or even VCRs!!!

  12. Late bloom. Mine are still going too.

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