Sleepy Sarah

A quick, cute little project I whipped up this week for one of my friends from my (former) work, the lovely Lady Sarah.

Pattern: Sleepy Sarah by Mia Zamora Johnson (Owlishly) – free pattern via Ravelry – I had to make this one for Lady S, since it is named after her!!

Yarn: One of things I love about crochet amigurumi is that they are great for using up leftover yarns (oh, and the other thing is how quick it is to do – weeeeeeeeeeee!) For this one I used Heirloom EasyCare 8ply (purple) and Cleckheaton Machinewash 8ply (I think, since I’ve lost the label) for the face. The other good thing about these patterns is that you can use any size yarn – the designer used worsted, I used 8ply/DK, but you could easily use 4ply/fingering. She’d just end up a bit smaller than the 6″/15cm that 8ply gives you.

Hook: 4mm hook

Time: One day only – 22 April 2009

What I learnt: I learnt a couple of things on this little project – how to do an adjustable ring to start (a bit like Emily Ocker’s cast on for knitting in the round). Very clever method. I also learnt it is a lot easier to sew on the face features before you stuff and sew the head to the body (d’oh!). And I learnt how to chain stitch – a very neat method for hiding the colour changes between her hat and her face.

And best of all, Lady Sarah loved her!!



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14 responses to “Sleepy Sarah

  1. she’s a beauty! such a sweet little face

  2. How could Lady Sara NOT love her. I feel I must have one. Or my niece must. Doesn’t she just say ‘cuddle me’ to you?Well done. Just perfect.

  3. Oh yes – she’s lovely :o)

  4. I think I nay need a baker’s dozen of those… p’raps I should learn to chrochet.

  5. kms

    sooooo cute, i think i want one too!

  6. she’s so sweet! you are the *best* friend.

  7. Oh she is so cute and I can see your beautiful chain stitch embroidery. I always get too many ‘uriguris’ in that word.

  8. Ann

    It's so cute & the details are so well done. I won't be able to do such detailed work.

  9. kim

    This is so adorable! Your stitches are so perfectly neat too!

  10. Lin

    How cute is that! I love it.

  11. Lady Sarah loved her so much she’s been going everywhere with her to show her off and sleeping on her pillow beside her!!!

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