A slew of FO’s

This week, I’ve decided, is all about the FO. Partly because I have finished a couple of things, and also because I remembered I haven’t posted these socks yet – so here we go – get ready for a big one later this week (I’m pretty excited about it!)
Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A, a freebie on Knitty – I decided to do this pattern in preparation for the release of Cookie A’s new sock book (which I had pre-ordered on Amazon). I think it works quite nicely with a semi-solid or lightly variegated yarn. I didn’t love the pattern at first, but I soon got into the swing of it. And when I finished them, I tried them on before blocking and I didn’t want to take them off!
Yarn: Sundara sock yarn in Grey over Rose, a lovely generous gift from some MadMad person! My only ever Sundara sock yarn – really nice to knit with, quite similar to Koigu in the way it is twisted I thought. Very soft and lovely, a joy to knit with.
Sticks: 2.75mm KP Harmony magic loop. I went up a stick size as Cookie A patterns are quite small (I think) – for me, 60 stitches on 2.5mm sticks are for people with legs a whole lot thinner than anyone I know!! Especially with the twisted rib, which I love the look of, but which does make it a bit less stretchy.
Time: 13 February 2009 – 29 March 2009
Modifications: I made the heel flap about 8 rows shorter than suggested – unless I was reading the pattern wrong, it asked for a 46 row heel flap, which seemed way too long for me. I think I did 38 rows. I also continued the twisted stitch on either side of the top of the foot pattern, all the way down to the toe shaping.
What I learnt: Interestingly, I really noticed in these socks that a YO between knit and a purl stitch (where the pencil is pointing below) tend to be a lot larger than a YO between two knit stitches. At the same time as I was knitting these, I happened to see an episode of Knitty Gritty featuring Cookie A (knitting a different pattern) and she talked about this very issue!
To avoid it, she suggested not doing the YO when it is between the knit and purl stitch, but rather, doing a lifted bar m1 on the next row, where the YO should be. It still makes a hole, but of a similar size to a regular YO between knit stitches. As I’d already half done the socks, I didn’t do it this way, except for one time when I forgot the YO, and so did a m1 next row – and she is right (but of course!) – it does look more even! So a nice little tip, if you care about the relative size of your YOs!
I’m really so very happy with how these socks turned out – very special socks indeed!


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25 responses to “A slew of FO’s

  1. Such lovely socks! And the yarn! Gorgeous.

  2. Oh you finished them too! I love your Hedera! And the colours are amazing! I can’t wait to see what else you’ve recently finished!

  3. Lin

    They are lovely, the colours fab.

  4. Your socks look beautiful, I want some! Looking forward to seeing your monthly wrap up too.

  5. Grey over rose -I can’t think of a more appealing combination. They look great. Sometimes I find Cookie A’s patterns a bit too tricksy but this one has a neat regularity that appeals.

  6. Lovely lovely lovely!I always find myself shortening the heel-flaps on Cookie patterns.

  7. your Hedera’s look lovely in that colour. Like you, I wasn’t that taken with the pattern when it first came out, but since then, every version I’ve seen in darker shades has appealed.and I would NEVER remember to do the m1 on the next row – I just know it!

  8. kms

    i love this pattern and your socks are a perfect sample. gorgeous colour, works beautifully. and good tip on the YO! full of good tips you are!

  9. I remember when you said you’d seen Cookie A – how amazing that she was addressing the very issue you were thinking about. They are gorgeous. Really lovely.Looking forward to the big reveal!!!

  10. Are those the Hederas you sent to Emily? She loves them. They are beautiful. And I don’t think the yo’s look that much larger. I think I have the pattern in a notebook somewhere waiting for the perfect yarn to call to it.

  11. Oh, they’re beautiful! I recognized the yarn as soon as the page opened! What’s funnier is I watched the same Knitty Gritty show, just last week! Is that when you were watching it? Because that would be too weird!

  12. Gorgeous pair o’ sox! Do your feet feel extra glam when you wear them? Cookie + Sundara = knitted royalty. 😉

  13. I did that picking up the next row yfwd thing when I made the Waving Lace(?) socks from the Interweave sock book. It made them all nice and even. Love your Hederas. I haven’t made any yet, perhaps I should?

  14. They are gorgeous. Saw them and immediately thought they would be cool to knit for my husband. Have bookmarked the pattern. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the other FO’s later this week!

  15. Oh they are so pretty – and sundrama – swoon – lucky duck!

  16. Lovely! Sundara and Cookie A: very posh. :)And thanks for the tip. I actually worry often about the relative size of my YOs…

  17. Jan

    That colour is lovely, it reminds me of cinnamon. I’ve just finished Hedera as well, but mine had been on the needles for probably two years. Simple pattern, don’t know why I left them so long.There were times I had to make the stitch on the next row. However, I think I would probably take the YO variation in sizes, than have to rely on my memory to pick up the stitch next row round. The other way I would do it would involve re-writing the pattern and that’s not going to happen.

  18. Those are gorgeous! I’m so pleased to see the end result. And I’ve got my Cookie A. book in my hot little hands now too!

  19. They’re beautiful! I’m also making a pair of these in Sundara yarn at the moment, seeing your pair makes me want to crack on and finish them!

  20. Jo

    Wow…. your socks turned out beautifully!

  21. i can see why you didn’t want to take them off. just beautiful.

  22. kim

    These socks are incredibly gorgeous! MadMad’s taste in yarn, coupled with your meticulous knitting makes for one beautiful pair of luxury footwear!

  23. Oh they are beautiful, RoseRed, and thanks for sharing the tip about the YOs!

  24. Ann

    The socks are lovely. The size of the yos does bother me & I usually knit thro' the back of a yo so that the hole is smaller.

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