In case you were wondering…

In case you were wondering, I have been away! Hence the lack of posting, which I shall attempt to make up for this week!

For the last 10 days, I’ve been in Tasmania. Same country, different island, a whole world away (in some respects anyway). My mum has some dear friends down there and I somehow promised I’d take her to visit them this year, for her birthday (since she had a special ‘ends in zero’ birthday this year).

They live on a small dairy farm just outside Richmond, which is in the south of Tasmania, about half an hour from the capital, Hobart. Richmond is famous for its Georgian buildings:

(this was originally the Post Office, I believe. Now it is an upmarket furniture and homewares store).

Secondly, the model of Hobart from about the 1820s or ’30s. Quite expensive to get into, but pretty neat to visit. Slightly crafty in nature now (it is showing its age a bit) but shows a nice sense of humour and/or realism in what some of the characters who people Little Hobart Town are doing (normal sized people in the background for scale!).
On the right you can see some convicts escaping over the wall of the Gaol. What you can’t see, until you round the corner, is the soldier waiting in the trees over to the side to capture them! Also in the scene on the left above is a convict being lashed and one on the gallows. Pretty grim is some of our history.
And finally, Richmond Bridge. Built 1823 by convict labour, the oldest bridge in Australia still in use. I know 1823 isn’t old compared to European, South American or Asian, recorded history in particular, but for a young (in Whitefella terms) country, it’s almost as old as you can get.
Looking at these sandstone stairs at the side of the bridge, you can see the wear on them from thousands of feet over the past almost 200 years and I always wonder at the thoughts of the owners of the feet as they climbed them.
Tasmania really turned on the crisp autumn weather for us. More during this week about my adventures! Including cute animals! And yarn! And bloggers!


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16 responses to “In case you were wondering…

  1. oh we’re in for a really great bunch of posts from you I’m sure. I’m glad you’re spreading it out. I want to relive the whole trip, post by post.I love Tasmania. I don’t remember it from living there. But i love it. I must go again.

  2. I look forward to seeing and hearing more about your trip.

  3. Every time I go away I come back with even itchier feet. I suspect Tasmania might be added to my list when your blogging is done.

  4. DDand SIL went to Tassie for their honeymoon – now they want to move there! It’s so alluring but the populations really is very small!In other words, a great place to visit!!!

  5. Ha – don’t tell everyone – they’ll all want to come here!I think autumn is one of my favourite seasons down here – or maybe spring…..

  6. Beautiful photos! Sounds like you had a lovely time away.I went to Hobart for work once,and I had a whole weekend in Hobart alone. It was the most magical stay. I will have to go down there again sometime soon, I think.

  7. Yes, we are wonderfully Autumnal at the moment. The Ross Bridge’s carvings have had lots of casts made of them and I’m not sure whether they have actually replaced the originals with casts or are still thinking about it.

  8. so so jealous – I almost went to tasmania last hols, almost.can’t wait to see more.

  9. Oh, I’m so excited to see more! I actually clicked in earlier to see if you’d posted and when I saw you had, decided the two minutes waiting for the kids to get ready before taking them to school wasn’t going to be enough to enjoy it and that I’d come back when I had time to savor it – so glad I did! Love it all, the pics, the history. Sooooo cool.

  10. There’s a rumour going round that you had to buy an extra suitcase to bring back all the yarn you have purchased. True or False? 😉

  11. Em

    It sounds like a lovely trip, it’ll be wonderful to hear more about it. And the pictures are gorgeous, the scenery is so peaceful and pretty. Welcome home!

  12. I love birthdays that end in zero… had one just last year and I’ve been milking it for all it’s worth!An extra suitcase to get home? Is that true?

  13. Glad you had a fun trip and looking forward to hearing and seeing more of it.

  14. yeah I wanna know about the haul you brought home. I am sure there was an extra suitcase involved.

  15. Thanks for the great pictures. I can’t wait for more details (especially the yarn. Mmmmm…)

  16. oh lucky you, sounds like a really interesting holiday. Tasmania is definitley one part of australia i would like to visit one day

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