SHOESday: Orange you glad I went to Tasmania!

Of course you are! Why?

Because you know how you can buy stuff on holidays because they count as souvenirs? Well, that means more shoes for me!

I found these at a little shop in Ulverstone, which I went into a whim after a succesful yarn store visit (thanks to Tinkingbell – what a surprise!). A little gem of a store, with some great boots, heels and comfy shoes.

Since I’m being practical right now, it’s all about the comfy, but I think a bit funky, shoe that I can wear with jeans. And handknitted socks, preferably.

As you know, I’m having a bit of a love affair with orange lately, so when I saw these, I had to try them on. And then they were SO COMFORTABLE that I was sold. Oh, ok, I know, I was sold on a pair of shoes before I even walked in the store!
But you know what? I don’t really have any (handknitted) socks that match these shoes! Guess that’s just a good excuse to buy more yarn…
But that’s a story for another day!


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28 responses to “SHOESday: Orange you glad I went to Tasmania!

  1. oh I love it. Buying yarn to match shoes. So cool.I love those. I really, really love those.

  2. Pretty yarn; funky shoes. I imagine you will tell us what the yarn is? Please? I particularly like the right shoe yarn.

  3. Jan

    Love the shoes and both lots of sock wool. Yesterday I saw a link to Needle Food in NZ. I ordered some yarn from there. They had some good colours for the shoes. Cheap too when NZ’s tax is taken off for overseas customers and the exchange rate is reasonable. I spent NZ $94 and bought 4 hanks of yarn. In Aussie terms, without the tax, it cost me AUD$74.They had a couple with orange in it.

  4. I have shoe (and yarn) lust!!!!beautiful

  5. ooh, lovely shoes! What breed are they, if you don’t mind me asking? Love the yarn too. Must use that ‘need yarn to match shoes’ justification sometime soon!

  6. Hi Harper – the shoes are Nu by Neo, and the style name is “Grab” (I think…).Heh, an excellent excuse for more yarn, I reckon!

  7. They look so great and so gorgeously orange – and of course you need socks to match (and to contrast…) Love the hanks with the green in it – mmm – yummy – what is that?Blogger messing with me again – the word is ‘patio’ WTF?

  8. There’s a rumour going around that you had to buy a third suitcase to bring back all the shoes you bought.True or False? 😉

  9. Now that is the most novel excuse I’ve ever heard – I needed something to match my shoes!! Tee-hee!

  10. What seriously cool shoes!! (to be expected of course!). I desperately need some new shoes…this post is not helping.

  11. Can we buy yarn to match shoes we already have? Mind, I love those shoes – those are seriously cheerful shoes!

  12. Oh, those are SOOOO CUTE! Love ’em!

  13. Honey, if you hadn’t bought them, I certainly would have! They’re fantastic!

  14. Oh man. AWESOME shoes. I want a pair. I wouldn’t mind going to Tasmania to get them, either. Very clever, buying your sock yarn to match. Hahahaha.

  15. amy

    That last photo made me smile. Too cute!!

  16. I love the shoes. They are comfortable looking but still cool. The yarn will make some great socks!

  17. Please, please tell us what brand these are? They are divine.

  18. Em

    Great shoes! And don’t you just love how it works out as a justification for yarn so well?

  19. Orange I glad indeed – gorgeous!

  20. fantastic shoes, very you, and you definitely need more yarn to match. but i think a contrast would be good too. or both…

  21. See, it’s not the Prada or the Blaniks that got the most ‘ooooohhhhhs’….it the rocking oranginas that did it!Me love them too. Me want them too.

  22. Ann

    Love the shoes – they do look comfy!

  23. oh yes – I bought shoes not too unlike these on my last holiday in Qld – defintely in the holiday momento category not the general shopping one. and you must have socks to match – most definitely.

  24. i couldn’t hold back any longer – I copied. hope you don’t mind!

  25. I’m glad you had an entertaining time in Tasmania. But I think I could work up to being glad if I went to Tasmania!I like the left shoe yarn, but I think I would like the right show yarn knitted up.

  26. kim

    These shoes are too cute for words!

  27. I love these shoes! And the sock yarn looks pretty great, too! 🙂

  28. Gorgeous shoes – they really are perfect for showing off handknit socks. And buying yarn to match the shoes? I like your style!

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