Who doesn’t love a knitting playdate?

Not me! I LOVE a knitting playdate! Even more, I love having lots of them! I had two this week, in addition to my regular Thursday date with the Morris & Sons SnB group.

First up was brunch with Jen on Monday – of course, I forgot my camera, so no visual record of this one, but the company was grand and the eggs benedict was delicious!!

Then Tuesday with PoppyLee and NannaMarge (otherwise known as Fredastep and 1FunkyKnitWit), and a special guest appearance from KnitNess. Another lovely day with lots of knitting, and a very fancy lunch:

Some knitwear modelling (PoppyLee and his stylist!):

Ishbel had her first day out (competing with Poppy’s butterfly):

And mini-cheesecakes and coffee for fancy dessert (look at the crystal serving ware!):

(you can read more about the cheesecakes here).

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE knitting playdates!


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21 responses to “Who doesn’t love a knitting playdate?

  1. Play dates are good. You are spoiled being able to have so many of them now as a lady of leisure.Ah, Ishbel. So pretty.

  2. kim

    Are you kidding? I have been obsessing over 1Funkyknitwit’s Cherry Necklette all week! Completely obsessing! Sounds like you are making the most of your time off. Such fun!

  3. A knitting playdate – sounds like such fun. Makes work seem even more like work!

  4. these are great photographs! thank you for sharing them with us. and i love the knit that Poppylee is wearing. he looks so cool and European. men in Canada very rarely wear knit scaves. 😦 i wish they would.

  5. mel

    Jane, there would be no better company than your lovely self, Margarita and Lee!

  6. Aw, man! I want to come! And those mini-cheesecakes! Perfect – just the right amount of goo-stuff to crust. That’s the way they should ALL be.

  7. Oh yes – I wish I managed more play dates – and as for mini chessecakes… :o)

  8. jp

    I know you said PoppyLee went all out …but the photos exceed your descriptions.Sigh still jealous of your knitting playdates.

  9. much jealousy from this end, I can assure you!looks like you’ve has a fab time – that tower of delectable food is amazing.

  10. ishbel looks like she was in most excellent company! knitting play dates are the best.

  11. Oh, that’s fantastic… I need a knitting play date…

  12. Two of my favourite occupations: knitting and tea parties. Your sound and look incredibly fun and delicious. The knitted items look scrummy, too. Gorgous colours…

  13. Indeed, what is more fun? Love the Ishbel. Those colors are gorgeous!

  14. I love, love, love your blog you make me laugh with all your crazy words.Lots of fun, food a bit off knitting & a lot of laughs was had in great company so it doesn't get much better than that, so cheers to our play date with many more to come. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!

  15. It looks like so much fun! The only problem is that now I am consumed with jealousy!

  16. Ann

    Your playdates sound so fun, I must go & find some playdates too!

  17. I SO miss our little knitting group!!!

  18. It looks like such a fabulous day – I'm very jealous!

  19. I made sure to get pictures at my knitting playdate just for you! Otherwise I probably would have gone without the camera.http://lost-arts.blogspot.com/2009/06/trunk-show-at-my-lys.html

  20. Oh that looks like so much fun and deliciousness! I miss you guys!!!

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