SHOESday: Patience IS a virtue!

When I finished work a few months ago, I figured I’d buy myself a pair of shoes to celebrate. I had two pairs of shoes in mind, both flats (very practical for a non-working person!) but just couldn’t decide between them. So I decided to wait. And hope that they’d go on sale.

Well, my patience was rewarded. Both pairs of shoes, on sale, half price! And in the correct sizes!

So here’s pair #1.

These had their first outing today (yes, another knitting playdate!).

Today, with jeans, but think they’ll also be great with a skirt.

The colour isn’t quite right, they are a fabulous purple suede.

A bit girly, and a lot of fun!


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24 responses to “SHOESday: Patience IS a virtue!

  1. oh the detail on those is so lovely! Intriguing! I must see them in person this weekend. I was looking at the DJs shoe sale today and thinking to myself, I wish RoseRed come come shoe shopping with me. she'd help find interesting shoes.

  2. That's so funny, I was just looking at those shoes yesterday! Now I'm wishing I had brought some home with me 😉

  3. Oh, those are very cute! Will we get to see the second pair?

  4. love the shoes – but they are not red – the blue is still divine, I wish I could have knitting play dates – and not work 😦 I am quite jealous of the last one it looked like such fun. The proper tea, and tiers of cakes and sandwiches – what funand I get stuck in a basement for the day……….

  5. Pretty, pretty shoesies! Very appropriate for the leisurely lady.But now you have me in suspenders over pair # 2!

  6. I love those – they are unusual and lovely! But my feet feel blue with cold looking at your sockless feet! Boots weather here (I bought a pair today)

  7. You have really have a nose for shoes. Those are such fun. Can't wait to see pair #2.

  8. Those are darling, aren't they?But tell me, what is this 'patience' you speak of?

  9. Ooh you were good to not snap them up to start with – they are real beauties – glad you got a just reward for your extremely good behaviour 🙂

  10. That was lucky! They look great and the colour is rather gorgeous.

  11. um hello! Where is the other pair, you evil temptress you!

  12. Are those blue suede shoes? Because I definitely wouldn't step on them! Very cute!

  13. I love suede shoes – the suede really makes the colour glow. I think I love ven more the idea of rewarding yourself for finishing up at work! But like Fee, I'm consumed with envy at the thought of knitting playdates.

  14. Ann

    I love the color & the shoes look great with jeans.

  15. oh how wonderful – and very obviously meant to be.

  16. I love that shoes!! Very practical and comfy!!! May I asked where did you get them?? And 50% off? That's a bargain!!!

  17. Lovely shoes, but where are your socks?!? It was freezing yesterday…

  18. Those are very cute shoes! I think I'd prefer them with a plain center strip, though, rather than the ruffles. I can't imagine wearing purple suede. At least, not in this weather. I'd ruin them in puddles!

  19. Isn't it winter there? I'm with Olivia, it makes my feet cold to see them! They are cute and would make great summer shoes (probably why they were on sale)

  20. Want! Want Want Want!!!!!!They are lovely, as is the gorgeous Ishbel – wanders off to look at the Great andirondack in the stash…..

  21. These are yummy!!I sooo want to see more???

  22. They are amazing! I love the zig zagging! And in purple too!

  23. Wow – they are stunning, so unusual! What a GREAT way to celebrate ending a job (says the shoe-loving girl whose job is ending next week…)

  24. kim

    Very cute shoes!!!!

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