Self-portrait in Yarn

Self-portrait in Yarn:

Taken after the Stitches and Craft Fair this week. I look pretty happy don’t I?!

So here’s the haul:

From very top left:

-Habu bamboo in slate grey and in red (from Dairing – hurrah, an Australian supplier of Habu – so nice to see it all in person!)
-Eki Riva baby Alpaca laceweight in charcoal grey (omg this is so soft!) (from the lovely Debbie at Mosman Needlecraft)
-Habu Tsumugi Silk in red (from Dairing)
-Alchemy Haiku in Koi Pond (from Prudence Mapstone)
-Colinette Jitterbug in Ginger Cinnabar (I am SO COPYING KGirl’s fantastic orange Marlenes)
-Colinette Jitterbug in Purple Passion (much more purple than I could capture in this picure) (both from Sarah Durrant)
-Claudia’s Handpainted Yarns Linen Lace (linen! laceweight! intriguing!) (from Prudence Mapstone)
I also picked up this book from Can-do Books:
This is a fabulous book! Some gorgeous gorgeous patterns arranged according to each month of the year, and which will be appearing in my (neverending) Ravelry queue very soon!


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21 responses to “Self-portrait in Yarn

  1. hee hee – copy away!!!! we'll have to meet up one day and do the knitty-twin foot dance!great haul from Stitches, the Habu looks very special, particularly in the red – haven't seen that beforego roll around in it!!

  2. gee why do I have a sense of deja vous? Oh yeah, that'd be because I was just fondling all the lovely stuff a mere 8 or so hours ago! Still love that grey and red habu. I wanted to steal it!

  3. He he! Nice haul! I went to the Dairing stand and asked the girl how the stainless steel stuff (which I feel instantly in love with) would crochet up. Honestly, you'd think I'd grown two extra heads, the way she looked at me!

  4. I seemed to spend a lot of money without coming home with a haul I love. How sad is that? I think I was unexpectedly surprised at the amount of Nice Stuff, and chose the wrong colours. I'm thinking about asking for a partial exchange, as the most expensive colinette is still wrapped in its bag of 5 skeins. Gorgeous, but so not me. But I shall be lurking, waiting for Dairing's online shop to be activated. I couldn't decide at the time what I wanted from there.

  5. meant to say, great self portrait. Looks JUST like you!

  6. LOL! As always, your sense of color is wonderful.

  7. Love the self-portrait! You are soooo pretty! šŸ˜‰

  8. Ann

    Gorgeous purchases!

  9. I am so so so envious of that haul.Sigh – maybe it will be like that at Bendi? I really wanted to see Habu – Zeph gifted me some black stainless steel but I want to touch the others…….

  10. mem

    Jealous doesn't BEGIN to describe how I feel…!

  11. Em

    I wanted to say something witty about the yarn, but drugs make me dumb, so we'll stick with happy noises and drooling, eh? *drools and makes happy mumbling noises whilst trying to pet monitor*

  12. Ooooh, you did well, what a great selection of yarns you've got there. I bought some jitterbug too, not much else though sadly. The Habu Bamboo is just beautiful, I seemed to stand at the stall holding it for a very long time!! Any ideas on what you're going to make with it??

  13. I think my favorites are the Habu Tsumugi silk in that lovely dull red, and the linen laceweight. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

  14. I can see why you're smiling!I don't think I've ever seen so many knit-related stalls at the Craft Fair!

  15. My heart skipped a beat when I read your email – Habu in AU!!! Do they sell online??

  16. Me again – here's the link to Dairing!!!

  17. Great self-portrait, fantastic haul!

  18. All gorgeous! I am very, very envious!

  19. Lovely yarns, the Habu looks fab. I have Habu urges lately, I think its the summer thing. That book keeps popping up here and there and I do want to have alook through it.

  20. Love your tags on this post! Your haul looks fab, and I can't wait to see what you choose to cast on for from that book, it looks really interesting.

  21. That looks very yummy! I'd be happy to roll around in a haul like that.

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