SHOESday: I told you…

Last week, you’ll remember I told you patience IS a virtue.

And one that will be rewarded!

Here’s the second pair of shoes I bought on sale:

Yes, a size up from my regular size so that I could wear them with socks (handknit of course!)

They are SO COMFORTABLE and provide a much dressier shoe than the others I bought specifically to wear with socks.
And they remind me so much of my highland dancing shoes (you probably didn’t know I did highland, or Scottish, dancing when I was a kid). I always love the dancing shoes with the cris-crossing elastic, and particularly always wanted a pair I could wear around like regular shoes.
Well now I have them. And I am most pleased! In fact, I’m seriously thinking of buying another pair for when these ones wear out!!


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21 responses to “SHOESday: I told you…

  1. OH! I have done the buy two pair for when the first wears out thing! Only mine were slippers… I am so lame. Great shoes!

  2. Those are lovely, but I'm still not clear on this 'patience' thing you keep going on about…

  3. There is surely no question about it – a spare pair is definitely required.

  4. And there I was about to tell you that they looked like highland dancing shoes! They are brilliant. I think you need to make a pair of cream coloured cabled socks and wear a kilt to complete the look!

  5. oh, my best friend in primary school did highland dancing – I used to go to competitions with her and watch in awe. I was always VERY impressed with the shoes ;)this is the best sock/shoe pairing I've seen to date – brilliant!

  6. Those are so cute in a major way and your red socks just make them that much more adorable.

  7. I LOVE them! I think they are about the best shoes I've ever seen for showing off handknit socks. In fact, if you're going back to buy yourself a second pair, I don't suppose you'd consider sending a pair over to me? ;P

  8. Highland dancing memories and room for handknit socks – they sound perfect!

  9. I agree with Anna – simplystunning show-off shoes. Colour me jealous.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! But you knew that already. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!Highland dancing? Wow. There you go. How lovely!

  11. Did you buy this pair from Wittner as well? Argh!! You're teasing me too much!!! *Must stop looking at shoes*

  12. Omg your shoes are awesome! Can you please direct me to the place where you bought these? I'm hoping to find something similar for work, and something in which can show off socks like yours…So jealous! Congrats on a pwetty purchase. šŸ˜€

  13. Wow. I need some of those!

  14. Ann

    Lovely shoes & socks! I giggled when you mentioned that that they are 1 size bigger to accommodate handknit socks as I did the same recently.

  15. Oh no… I think I've fallen in love with your shoes!

  16. they do look like Highland Dancing shoes. adorable with those socks.

  17. They show off your socks perfectly. I used to think of socks as someting that just went under my pants and inside my shoes. Now, I want to let everyone see the wonders that are my handknit socks.

  18. I love them! Perfect for the socks.

  19. Great shoes for showing off your socks. Love the red socks too.

  20. Yes, they look exactly like Highland shoes. How very clever to buy them a size bigger so your socks woul fit inside. Very nice socks too!!!

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