Short and sweet

I visited with a couple of friends yesterday, both of whom recently had babies – as we all know, babies (who know knitters) must be swaddled in knitted items! But as I only got my act together earlier this week, I settled on a quick (and practical) project for each.

Cotton bibs! Lovely little items, very quick and easy to knit, and (if I may say so myself), so cute!

Pattern: Modern Cabled Baby Bib by Andrea Pomerantz – a free pattern available via Ravelry. The only modification I made was to cast on 36 stitches rather than 28, and this was only because I was using an 8ply/DK cotton, rather than worsted. This makes a smallish sized bib, what you might call a “dress bib”, but you could easily make it bigger if you wanted.

Yarn: 20g for each bib, using Heirloom 8ply/DK cotton from the stash! One bib was done in colour 674, a pinky purple (which I have christened “pinkle”), and the other in colour 680, a pale blue. This is a really nice soft cotton to knit with, not hard on the hands like some cottons.

Sticks: 4mm KnitPicks Harmony Options

Time: 23-26 June 2009, for both bibs.
It’s almost a shame to think they’ll be used for catching food (and other!) spills, but as I always say about my knitted dishcloths, using the knitted goods makes a tedious job almost a pleasure!


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23 responses to “Short and sweet

  1. Pinkle. he heThey are adorable. I am so making these.

  2. these are so sweet – especially like how you packaged them up. and maybe they are going to neat and tidy babies.

  3. gorgeous! I particularly like the cable becoming the neck strap – so stylish!

  4. Brilliant! And just in time, I was just starting to contemplate a quick baby-shower item.

  5. Lovely pressies. And I agree that your packaging finishes them off beautifully.I am always drawn to things with a touch of asymmetry.

  6. I'm putting those in the memory bank for presents. Very stylish for slurping baby food!

  7. Very nice – love the pinkle!Good bibs are a fab and useful fashion accessory!

  8. I must've missed that one on Ravelry, so thanks for the linky… and as we all know that Heirloom 8ply cotton is BWM cotton in disguise, I already know that it will work with stuff from the stash. Yay!

  9. Beautiful! And so useful too!

  10. Perfect baby gifts – cute, but practical. I'm sure they'll be appreciated.

  11. So cute and I agree, almost too good to use. Hope the new mums don't put them away for 'good' becasue that sometimes means forever! I hope they appreciate and use them.

  12. Very cute. I love the assymetrical look. Very modern and fun.

  13. I love this pattern, it's quick but classy!! I used two strands of Magicline when I made one. Your presentation is very lovely!! I want to undo thse bows and open the packages!!

  14. amy

    Bibs are perfect. And babies need drool bibs, too, which don't stain. I tend to use my yarn ones for drool bibs, not eating bibs. In fact I think it's time I made some more…

  15. Indeed you should say – SO cute

  16. Ann

    The bibs look great. I love the cable detail. Such a great gift!

  17. Those are cute! Hmmm, that idea could turn into a very cute little bag, too!

  18. LOVE…LOVE… the pattern!!LOVE… the packaging!!LOVE… the cuteness!! They should love their gift 🙂

  19. The nice things about those bibs is that they can be used as washcloths for the babies' faces when they're needed. I love the cable. They are precious.

  20. Off to add these to my Rav queue – they are gorgeous!! The cable along the side and neckband is the perfect touch!

  21. Oh my gosh, those are so cute!

  22. They are lovely, what a great idea for a gift! I love how you packaged them too.

  23. These are very cute! I have been planning to make some…

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