One of these things is not like the other one…

I was so proud of getting my Bruegel knitting done so quickly.

You know what they say, pride comes before a fall.

When I was blocking it on Tuesday, I discovered this:

Like a closer look?

Can you see? The right collar piece is narrower than the left. Four stitches narrower. This was my internal dialogue when I discovered this:

Bad RoseRed: “oh, it will be ok, it’s hardly noticeable, when I’ve seamed the collar to the right front, no-one will be able to tell”
Good RoseRed: “um, but you will know about it”
BRR: “yes, but I don’t care that much about little mistakes. I really wanted to wear this on Thursday”
GRR: “oh come on, you’ve done such a nice job on this, it’d be a shame to fudge it at the end”
BRR: “but you know how I HATE to frog. Fudging is what I do best!”
GRR: “oh, it’s only a day or so to rework, it’s worth it to have it looking as it should. And besides, when you kitchener the two collar pieces, they won’t match. You can’t fudge a 4 stitch difference”
BRR: “GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Darn you for being right!”
Sigh. So it’s a frogging I will go. When I can face it.


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26 responses to “One of these things is not like the other one…

  1. your bad self sounds just like my bad self! How is that possible?

  2. It won't take you long, and the rest of the cardi is so beautiful. It will be worth it – you know it will.

  3. oh noooooooooo.but you know it has to be done.deep you go.

  4. It will be worth it in the end. If you don't every single time you put it on it will nag at the back of your mind and you do plan on wearing it quite a bit, yes?

  5. Oh no (quite often my bad self wins these arguments – just shows you are a better person than me)Brave Girl!

  6. OH NOOOO! I am glad good rose won though

  7. Bugger. At least it's a fairly narrow bit of knitting, right?

  8. Jan

    I've just been through a similar inner dialogue when the Aestlight cast off was so loose it almost made a frill.Now I can tell you how absolutely virtuous I feel. A paragon of virtue! You too can feel like this. You just have to let the good inner self win.PS Having spent some time unpicking the cast off very carefully and redoing it, I can see Aestlight looks so much better, it was worth the hassle.

  9. So it was clearly the Bad Rose Red I was having this very same conversation with at Bendi… You remember, the one where you were telling me I shouldn't fix those mis-crossed cables on Fireside, because no-one would ever notice. Hmmm? ;)P.S. My verification word is "oated". Which is a bit eerie, because I had porridge for breakfast this morning.

  10. Oh crap. But I'm glad Good Rose Red won because it's going to look fabulous when it's all finished. The cables you and others have displayed recently are starting to become tempting….

  11. Oh, noooooo! That's a stinker. I'm a BRR woman, myself, you know, but you're probably doing the right thing – it's really to pretty to not be done well, right? And it won't take too long, if it's just that strip. Tell me it's just that strip, right?

  12. Aaarrgghhh, how frustrating, I feel your pain.But just think how good it will be to wear once it's finished perfectly!Take a deep breath, you can do it.

  13. It is such a lovely sweater it would be a shame not to fix it. I can fudge some things but I think that one would bother me every time I wore it. I would think that everyone was looking at me and seeing my mistake.

  14. Arrrrrgh! Ohcrap, ohcrap, ohcrap! The whole front has to go, doesn't it? This is where my bad self would pick up along that narrow strip with contrast yarn and knit five rows of ribbing before binding off. Then I would call it a design element and double-damn-DARE anyone to think it was a mistake!

  15. I wish my good self wasn't such a pushover – I'm sure you will be glad you did the right thing when you are wearing your lovely garment.

  16. Sounds like your bad self is going to throw a tantrum and then your good self is going to sigh and frog.*sigh*

  17. I love that Good RedRose's initials are "GRR"!it won't take long to fix, and it will be worth it 🙂

  18. you have a very trustworthy fudging instinct, it has never led me astray, so if GRR says do it, then she must be right. it is so lovely, its worth being pedantic about!

  19. Deepest sympathies. But I'm siding with GRR on this one. You've done such beautiful work — it would be a shame not to make it match. P.S. The word "shoe" is part of the security code below!

  20. I think Good Rose Red is right on this one, and honestly, it won't take that long to fix, and then it will be wonderful and you can feel all virtuous to boot 😉

  21. You are a much better woman than I. I have a star toe on a sock that is completely stuffed but I can't be a***d frogging, even though good Shazmina is telling me it is the right thing to do!

  22. stop laughing, there is so a good Shazmina!

  23. Oh bum!! But it will look so fabulous when finished and I bet you'll be very glad that Good RoseRed won out over Bad RoseRed.

  24. It's all been said. If Bad Rose Red had one it would have looked like an acrylic number from Insert-Cheap-Department-Store-Name-Here. Instead it will be a fabulous work of skill, crafts(wo)manship and dedication. Go for it!(my verification word doesn't seem like anything at all "bolooz")

  25. Em

    Bad Emily usually wins these arguments. But then, Bad Emily wins most arguments these days, especially the ones that involve cleaning. Or frogging. Or eating dinner before dessert. Or organizing all my bills in a spreadsheet. Or weeding the garden. Or or or…

  26. Ann

    I think you did the right thing as I am sure you will not be able to live with that uneveness – I know I will do the same. By the way, it looks great.

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