SHOESday: I’ll get you my pretties!

Fortunately I didn’t have to drop my house on the Wicked Witch of the East to do so!

I first saw these on a blog (I think) of someone in the US (I think…I really can’t remember who!). Then I saw them again on Gidget’s Socks, and she was kind enough to tell me where she bought them – and so of course I was there in a flash! A sparkly red glittery flash! Even my husband said “oh yes, you HAD to have those!” when I showed them to him!
And I’ve worn them every time I’ve gone out of the house since I got them! Ruby slippers for the 21st century woman!


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26 responses to “SHOESday: I’ll get you my pretties!

  1. The sparklies are way cool!

  2. Oh – they are just great (tell me where you got 'em – puhleeze – go on!)

  3. we wants em. we must have em. tell me where too. or else. (i dont know what but i'll think of something…)

  4. Ohhh. They're awesome. And how well do those socks go with them? Ohhh again.

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. They are perfect and they do match the socks so well. Were there green shoes?? There have not been any green shoes at all this year. So far.

  7. I really love these shoes, so cute. Where were you able to buy them?

  8. they are gorgeous! and the socks go so well with them 😉

  9. I want some! And the socks look great!

  10. Too cool – and the socks are lovely, too!

  11. Have you been clicking your heels together to get to places? They look wonderful 🙂

  12. FANTASTIC! Hope they're as comfy as they look. Great socks too!

  13. I love sparkly shoes! I really want a pair with lights in the soles like they make for kids. I would wear them to work all the time instead of my grown up shoes.

  14. Very fabulous. Very you!On a separate note I recently bought a pair, the same colour green as the wollemeise in your last post. They are gorgeous. Very me. Can't wait for autumn to wear them all the time 🙂

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. They are fabulous. The green ones sound good.

  17. Those are simply marvelous! Ruby slippers indeed!

  18. Oh how cute! I would LOVE to have a pair.

  19. When I first read that I thought you meant "I" was the wicked witch of the east and that you had dropped on me on Monday. I now wish I had taken a photo of you perched at the train station knitting when I picked you up….with your splarkly shoes on.

  20. Oh brilliant! I've been waiting to see your pair on the blog. We should seriously knit Count Sockular socks to go with our sparkly red Converse shoes!

  21. Ooh! I'm so jealous. You do have a knack for finding the best shoes!

  22. Aha! They're my shoes. My lovely ruby red slippers that took me to New York!I hope they take you to magical places too.Mine are looking a little the worse for wear after a muddy trip to the New Forest at the weekend. Still sparkling on though!

  23. kim

    Oh, you weren't just kidding! These remind me of Gianna's pink ones but in red. Fabulous!

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