G’day Ruby Tuesday (and a sigh of relief)

First up, Phew!

Only one day of knitting, as it turns out. And yes, I’m glad GoodRoseRed won out!

While you are waiting for this one to be seamed, here’s a cardi I completed earlier (but somehow didn’t get around to blogging, although it has been well worn already!)
Pattern: The ubiquitous February Lady Sweater, or as I like to call her, Ruby Tuesday. Pattern by Pamela Wynne, upsizing the classic Elizabeth Zimmerman February Baby Sweater (shown here for scale – sorry it’s a bit dark, the white baby cardigan sucked all the light up!!).

I wasn’t sure that this pattern would suit me, given that it’s got no shaping, but I decided that I didn’t care, as it looked to be such a wearable cardigan. And I’m glad, because I love it, and as predicted, wear it all the time!

Yarn: Cascade 220 in colour 9404, 5 x 100g skeins (thanks, Kim!). The perfect yarn and the perfect amount, I had about 2m left! This is my first time using Cascade 220 and it won’t be my last. A fabulous, inexpensive yarn in a huge range of colours. Now if only a yarn store in Sydney would stock it!

The buttons (from the Button Shop in The Rocks in Sydney) cost almost as much as the yarn!! But they are a perfect match, colourwise, and I don’t regret buying them!

Sticks: KnitPicks Options 5mm.

Time: I started this last year and got the yoke done and then put it aside – I can’t remember why, I suppose it turned into summer and a worsted weight cardi was less important. Picked up again in May and finished quite promptly, in a pseudo race with Bells (which she won…just!!). So 22 June 2008 – 10 June 2009.

What I learnt: I do love knitting a seamless garment!! It feels like it takes forever, but once the body is done and you get to the sleeves, it just flies by!

I love the three-quarter sleeves on this (the observant among you will notice this is the third time I’ve made a three-quarter or shorter sleeve cardigan this year, and Bruegel will make it four!). Your sleeves don’t dip in the food. Or the washing up. Or get in the way of whatever you are knitting at the time! And since our winters are so mild anyway, full-length sleeves are rarely needed!

Thanks to my photographer and stylist, the fabulous Ms Margarita!

Love love love!


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23 responses to “G’day Ruby Tuesday (and a sigh of relief)

  1. stunning cardigan – perfect shade of red.

  2. Hooray for matching necklines! I'm sure I've seen that cardigan in person and it was such a lovely fit, the lace shows up so nicely in that yarn too. Huge success!

  3. glad she finally got a proper blog post. She's glorious – big fan of the red C220 FLS myself!!!I like your yoke better than mine though – you got it just right!

  4. It looks lovely and I agree with you about the yarn. I just finished using it for my Garter Yoke Cardi and will definitely use it again. There are a couple of online stores here in Aus that stock it but you probably already know that!Lovely job, looking forward to seeing your Bruegel all finished too.

  5. It looks utterly gorgeous – and so do you! And I think it is one of those almost perfect garments – in fact, I'm wearing my green one right now!The photos are very spiffy too!

  6. Happy to help to help out Ms Rosered as I had to stand in as photographer due to the fact that you were the model & fab pics if I should say so myself ..LOLYou look lovely dovely in the lady & knitted brilliantly no less.

  7. The photos of you are gorgeous, but given the subject that is no surprise. 🙂 I do love the Feb Lady cardigan, (and it does suit you) it is too tempting to start one but I do need to finish some WIP's first. Bugger!

  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! And I'm glad the virtuous RoseRed won out.That is such a gorgeous red – it looks stunning.

  9. that cardi is a great one – and for such a shapeless number it look good on so many women. I love the colour.

  10. Wow! It looks fabulous! I have to knit myself one! Hopefully, it will look as good on me as yours does on you! What gorgeous pics!

  11. I've just finished a cardi in black Cascade 220, and it is wonderful stuff! I need to track down more colours.But back to your cardi – it's fabulous. Really suits you. And it's in my favourite colour too!BTW – bought some Habu stainless/silk in RED on Friday. Are you impressed? 😉

  12. kim

    It looks lovely on you, and you look so happy in it! It definitely suits you.

  13. I'm still in the yarn sucking yoke part of the sweater for my daughter. I want to make one for me and I want mine to be red. I don't have a red sweater and yours is inspiring.

  14. it looks great on you! and you look happy it. i should make more 3/4 length sleeve sweaters. especially with the part about the sleeves not getting in the washing up. need the sleeve length in our winters though.

  15. February Lady is Hot and Foxy. And kudos to good RoseRed! Nice cardi!

  16. gorgeous, in person and in photos! gotta get me some of hat cascade!

  17. Gorgeous! Beautiful sweater and very flattering, too.I have a friend who has knit herself half a dozen sweaters out of Cascade 220, and the stuff wears beautifully.

  18. Glad that Good RoseRed has such a fab cardi keeping her company while she fixes the naughty one. Great job and LOVE that colour.

  19. Oh, that is pretty! And red buttons that match – I can never get reds that match, argh.The baby cardi is another darling – that's three blogs of baby cardis for me this morning so far!

  20. Em

    Gorgeous FLS! And it's cool to see you in the picture, too. I looked at the picture and said, 'oh, there she is. yay!" I'm looking forward to seeing you posing in Bruegel, as well. ps- my confirmation word is intlitat, which sounds like an exotic crafting process to me.

  21. Just lovely beyond words… and the cardi is nice too!

  22. Ann

    You look so great in FLS. I love mine too & have been wearing it quite a bit. Also agree with you about 3/4 sleeves – they are great.

  23. Lovely cardi – that will have to go on my list when the nights here in England start to draw in!

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