It’s getting hot in hee-yah!

Looky looky…

We finally had the chimbley cleaned today … so tonight we had our first ever fire! It was tops!


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19 responses to “It’s getting hot in hee-yah!

  1. gorgeous! But wasn't it hot in Sydney today? Shouldn't you have done this months ago??? he he

  2. What a lovely fire to be able to sit in front of, so peaceful and relaxing.

  3. Even though its v warm here I am jealous of that fire!

  4. I can feel the heat from here! Oh, wait, it's just hot. 😀

  5. how lovely!those tiles are gorgeous. I foresee many Winter nights spent knitting by the fire

  6. How nice does that look? Wish I had one right now – it's drizzly and I have wet hair from my swim.

  7. oh look at that! I used to have one of those and LOVED it. I have to say I am most jealous.

  8. such an evocative photograph.i'd be tempted to hang stockings and hope some wool-laden elf was just passing.

  9. OMG, it's just beautiful. Beautiful. I just ADORE your house.

  10. As beautiful as this looks ( and the tile is to die for!), I can't say I'm envious as the high here today is 88 (sorry, like most Americans I cannot do metric).

  11. What a charming picture! Your house is adorable!

  12. it looks quite romantic. There's something about a fire.

  13. I'm dangerous around fires, I like to poke and play with them. But I also like to lay by them with a good book and a cuddly blanket and a sippable cup of tea.

  14. Looks wonderfully cozy! Here we've got our fire outside with over 90 degree days.

  15. WHAT a gorgeous fireplace!! Makes our plywood-surrounded gas heater look very very ugly indeed.How nice to have such a lovely period piece in your house.

  16. it is lovely, but now i have that song in my head….and we all know what the next line is right?

  17. Em

    I'm overcome by jealousy! Jim won't let me put a wood-burning stove in the house, so we have to make do with little electric heaters when it cools down, and they don't provide nearly the same ambiance.

  18. I love the fire and the tiles are gorgeous. Very jealous I am

  19. oh nice. Tonight is the first night this winter we haven't lit ours. I feel spring is coming

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