The Grand Plan

As promised a few days ago, I’ve got a Grand Plan. I shall reveal it shortly, but have to get a few things out of the way first…

1. Keeping Track
Believe it or not, dear readers, this month no new yarn came into my house!! I think that might be a first for the entire period I’ve been Keeping Track!!

And I knitted up 11 x 50g balls so I’ve finally made a very small dent (ok, a minor scratch, or perhaps even a paper cut) in my stash!

I do believe that is cause for celebration!

In: 0 x 50g balls!!
Out: 11 x 50g balls
YTD: 128.5 x 50g balls

2. Gift knitting and a long standing WIP completed!
August was all about the gift knits. I finished 6 gift knits this month, and have almost finished a 7th and started an 8th.

The thing I’m most happy about is that I have finally finished something I think (I can’t even recall for sure) that I started in May 2006 (yep, you heard right, 2006!). Just in time for my niece’s birthday! (She was not even born when I started this. Or even thought about! I can’t remember who I was planning on giving this too when I started it, but it’s sure come in handy this week!)

Pattern: Demin Pinafore by Erika Knight from Simple Knits for Little Cherubs. The second, and last, time I’ve made this. The main reason it’s hung around unfinished for so long is all the sewing down of the picot edges – ugh! Cute, but ugh! If I was tempted by this pattern again, I think I’d do simple garter edges!!

Yarn: Rowan Denim. Very cool 8ply/dk weight cotton yarn that fades and shrinks like your favourite jeans (well, the shrinkage is only the first time you wash it!). I really like this yarn. It can be a bit tough on the hands, but the finished product is worth it!

Sticks: Um, I think 4mm. I’m not even sure any more!

Time: Sometime in May 2006. Finished August 30 2009. Oh dear!

So a long time WIP finally onto the FO list. In fact, this month I have steady shrank the WIP list. I mean, it’s still a long list, but not nearly as long as before!! A couple more reasons to celebrate!

All these causes for celebration have lead me to this point:

3. The Grand Plan
As a little reward to myself after having such a good month on many fronts, I’ve decided that this first week of September is going to be all about me! And new stuff!
I’m going to cast on a new project every day for the next seven days! A whole week of new projects! And not only that, but they are all going to be done in the Wollmeise! I’ve been so lucky hitting updates lately, and I’ve felt like I can’t start anything new because of the gift knit deadlines and the amount of WIPS, but now I’m throwing caution to the wind!

If anyone wants to join me in The Grand Plan (whether it be Wollmeise or not, it’s really all about the new projects!) then please do! I’d LOVE for others to be as irresponsible as me!

Let the Week of Wollmeise begin!


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28 responses to “The Grand Plan

  1. God I am so tempted to join you! I'll decide before the end of today.And that pinafore! Oh it's lovely.

  2. amy

    I'm knitting a sweater out of Rowan Denim right now. I don't find it too hard on the hands–I think it's pretty soft as far as cottons go. (The Peaches & Cream type cotton kills my hands though.) I do love the denim yarns. I'm not following a pattern, though, so I'm hoping my swatch and my math don't lie and it's long enough for the 7yo, who is growing out of things faster than I can buy them, never mind knit them!Enjoy your cast-on frenzy of a week!!

  3. sue

    Congratulations on acheiving your first goal of no new stash. It is a very hard thing to do isnt it. I love the pinafore too, gorgeous. Good luck with your 7 new knitting projects. I think I could pull out 7 UFO's and finish them instead of starting new ones.

  4. Sam

    I love the extravagance of this plan! I'm not sure whether my nerves would allow this sort of caution-throwing-to-the-wind though. Having said that, I will spend the rest of the day planning 7 Wollmeise projects just for fun (and just in case!)

  5. jp

    Yay..for the more yarn out than in (although I suspect September may be different).As for your grand plan…Mad, Mad I say…must resist joining you. My head is spinning.

  6. ha ha ha a "paper cut" in the stash – at least you're being frank!Love the denim dress, that should stand up to toddler treatment beautifully. And my head spins at the thought of seven Wollmeise projects – I am very much looking forward to all that colour on your blog.

  7. Good ;luck with your Casting On. I simply must NOT join in, even though I want to. I have about 7 things on the go already!! I will be with you in Knitting Spirit!!I love the little dress, it's gorgeous!!!

  8. So envious – I have managed to miss every singly one for ages – which may actually be a GOOD thing – but have fun – My grand plan is to finish the things I currently have and a big pile of WIPSIn fact it is a very UNgrand plan! I like the sound of yours better!

  9. Seven new projects – I love it! I'll maybe go for one to keep you company as I'm not sure seven wouldn't blow my tiny mind!Great work on the stash paper cut and the pinafore is a FO to be proud of no matter how long it was in the making.

  10. I am so tempted but not sure I can manage 7 – but if I included current wip and a few new ones that I am thinking about perhaps I could join you.Thinking thinking

  11. What a great plan! I iwll love seeing what you cast on but shan't be joining in as more than 3 knits on the go is enough for me!

  12. I'm trying to come to terms with a frame of mind that enables you to describe casting on 7 Wollmeise projects in one week as 'irresponsible'! Grandiose – yes! Extravagant (in the 'grand plan' sense, rather than the financial one – though come to think of it, both apply) – definitely! Foolhardy – of course! Ambitious – indubitably! (I'm running out of words…) But not irresponsible. Committing yourself to so many projects is taking on so much responsibility. I quail at the thought. But good luck, and I'll enjoy seeing and reading about the outcomes of such grand designs.

  13. I get palpitations at the thought of even 1 more new project, but 7! Of course, I number my FOs in the singles, whereas you, Wonder Woman, produce them by the tens. I have no doubt that you will have a ball. Or 7. I'm just planning on finishing one thing this week.

  14. sorry, I'm too busy recovering from my faint brought on by the news of no new yarn IN…can't even contemplate the delightful wickedness of 7-in-7, but I will cheer you on from the sidelines, pom poms no extra charge ;)go Ro-se..go Ro-se..R.O.S.E…R.E.D, GO ROSE!

  15. OK, that is just groundbreaking stuff. I've never heard of THAT before – just throwing the usual guilt or whatever to the wind and saying I'm casting on something new every. single. day. and to heck with you knitting police and your silly rules?! BRILLIANT. Just BRILLIANT. I can't wait to see what you have planned.

  16. ok lets be clear here. just because yarn didnt actually ARRIVE in the house within the calendar month, given it has to come all the way from GERMANY, doesnt mean you didnt actually buy any yarn this calendar month. 12 skeins, wasnt it??? and yes im being mean and narky because im just jealous. yes i am. but also a little bit weeeeee at the thought of all that wollmeise! good for you, you do deserve it!

  17. Love to join you – can I count the three projects I started last week as part of the seven? Not sure I can handle that amount going at one time.

  18. I am by nature a serial monogamist and 7 projects at once give me the willies. I have one pair of socks, one sweater and one piece of lace at any one time. I don't think I could handle more. This will be fun to watch. From afar. Very afar.

  19. Now this is going to be fun to watch!

  20. Oh my goodness, you are a brave one, aren't you? Seven extra WIPs? You just finished that many! Good grief, darling, I hope you can accomplish your goal.

  21. Hot Dang!I think I'm just going to stand over here and gawk in awe, and live vicariously through your grand plan.Good luck and enjoy! (I know you will)

  22. What a wicked (as in wickedly fun) plan. Can't wait to see what you cast on.The little dress is darling — but I can see why you've had enough of the sewing!

  23. I love that dress, perfect for my niece. But casting on 7 – I am impressed and will live through you on this one

  24. Wow. Just…WOW. You are definitely one of the bravest knitters in history! I thought a set of booties a day would be hard, but big projects? No chance!

  25. 7 new projects in 7 days – all Wollmeise?!That's such a wonderfully insane and exciting prospect! I can't wait to start watching! Someone should alert the wollmeise herself of this masterful idea.

  26. Owyeah, the pinafore!I think I need to do something like that. Prolly not with Wollmeise, though.

  27. Hee hee! You are NUTS! But in the best possible way…I have several WIPs (AKA guilt-projects) to finish before I can justify casting on anything new.

  28. Oh GLORY!!! What a FABULOUS IDEA!!! Given that I have two weeks of school holidays, and lots of plans but normally no time, I may even emulate you a teensy bit! Perhaps I shall have to cast on one new thing for every item knitted for my children this fortnight… now there's an incentive to pretend to being a good mum!

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