WOW Day 1: Springtime Bandit

What better to start off the Week of Wollmeise (aptly, WOW for short!) on the first day of Spring, than the Springtime Bandit!

I ummed and aah’ed over this pattern for a while, and then I saw this version (Rav link) – LOVED it in the dark blue (and I’m sure the excellent photographs of it helped too!). Perfect for this blue-black Wollmeise 100% superwash merino (Admiral). Perhaps not the splash of COLOUR you might expect of the Wollmeise, but the depth of this particular colour is amazing!

Did you know the new WM labels have knitting related phrases on the back? Today’s phrase, brought to you by WM and the number 1:

Today is the day: knit me!

Oh yes, I think I shall!


(oh, and to anyone who thought I meant to start – and finish – each project each day – oh no!! Only casting on and knitting as much as I can – there’s no way I could finish any of the projects I have planned in one day! Probably not even a week! But that’s the other beauty of this Grand Plan – it’s like a gift that keeps on giving, even after the week is over!)


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19 responses to “WOW Day 1: Springtime Bandit

  1. so she begins!I have never seen that pattern before. Never heard of it. Looks like you've made great progress already! I love the colour – I'd go for that myself!

  2. spectacular! what a great start. and more grist to the shawl flu mill, yay!!

  3. jp

    Feeling a springtime bandit strain of the shawl flu coming my way…gorgeous colour…(Great photo) showing off the blue in the yarn.

  4. Jan

    Like Bells, that was anew one to me and I thought I had been through most of the shawl patterns on Rav. I was wondering what the pictured one was done in… sock wool and 4.5 mm needles. Now I could do that! Certainly it's more grist to the shawl mill.Yours will be lovely in that colour.

  5. oh noes I think this is catching – and I think I have the perfect yarn – looks greatI am intrigued to see what you knit and how you then do all of the projects – that is what is stopping me – I don't think I could keep 7 projects in my head at one time or even choose 7 projects

  6. What a successful day 1! This is such a great pattern and the intensely coloured dark yarn is perfect for it. Can't wait to see today's beginning.

  7. Looks gorgeous! I do love that pattern and it has been in my queue for a while – you're right – a gift that just goes on and on!

  8. Springtime Bandit – love the pattern and have been eyeing it off. Love your colour too!

  9. WOW indeed – what a fantabulous start – that is a new pattern to me too – great discovery and looks truly gorgeous in the dark yarn.

  10. Ooooh, fortune cookie yarn!!! I love your WOW and no, I didn't think you were actually going to finish one thing every day, but my hopes are still high!! That is such a lovely pattern and looks gorgeous in the Woolemeise which I can't spell!!

  11. All day long I kept thinking about the brilliance – and madness – of this plan. Just sheer genius, I tell you. And No. 1 is a beaut! The color and the project. This is so much fun.

  12. Oh lovely! I've had this in my queue for a while – looking forward to seeing how it knits up. It's looking gorgeous already!

  13. I love the way the increases are worked so that the centre line of the piece is so neat. I thought this was a very adventurous scheme, but now I realise the magic of 'new' will continue for more than the week, as you revisit your 7 projects in the weeks ahead. You're a genius.

  14. let the madness begin!yo' bandit is going to look mighty fine in that colour 😀

  15. You are an ambitious woman! What a pretty start and it looks like it'll be a perfect spring accessory. I love the deep blue.

  16. You terrify me, woman! I am in awe of your willingness to leave projects unfinished. Good cess to your needles and strength to your fingers!

  17. Oh, that color is to die for, and a great match for the pattern!

  18. Ann

    I love the color & your choice of pattern. This shawl has been on my list too.

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Absolutely love it. I haven't seen that pattern either, but it's definitely on the to do list.

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