WOW Day 5: La Digitessa

Yes, yes, finally, I’m doing socks in the Wollmeise!!

I lucked onto a Yarnissima update (or two…) and having admired her amazing sock patterns for some time, thought I’d better avail myself of the opportunities presented to me! And the sock kits are presented so nicely (and they make awesome gifts too!).

And the pattern – oh my – 13 pages, 6 different charts, many, many, many twisted stitches and cables and a very cool gusset construction.

I’m using the yarn dyed by the Wollmeise especially for the pattern (but you can buy the pattern alone if you prefer) and I just love it. It’s variegated, which I usually steer away from for patterned socks, but in a very subtle way. It’s knitting up so nicely, I couldn’t be happier!

Well, I could be happier…if I could knit faster! Thank goodness every 5 or so rows of the chart are (relatively) easy (ie no cables!). And that I can cable without a cable needle (an essential skill for tackling this pattern I think!)


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20 responses to “WOW Day 5: La Digitessa

  1. oh that looks so good. I can't wait to start mine! Must wind yarn…must wind yarn!The kits do indeed make great gifts!

  2. Bells: Do eeet! Dooo eeeeeeeeet!!(You too, MissyFee!)

  3. jp

    Looks challenging but fun.

  4. wow – looks great – I should do this now too – as bells said must wind yarn

  5. Oh so beautiful, the pattern, the yarn, the socks so far. Thank goodness there is no Wollmeise in my stash I wouldn't be able to help myself :-)So many beautiful things this week how can you stand it?

  6. nice one RR, love the pattern.Being Evil Shazmina shall I tell you that I am hatching a plan to visit Wollmeise "brick and Mortar" store? ;)mwahahahahaha!

  7. luverly 🙂 the variegation is very subtle, just enough to give some interest but not too much to distract.and 13 pages of pattern and 6 charts? you legend!

  8. Oh, I give thanks to the knitting gods who taught me to cable without a needle – it is probably one of the best things I learned! Love the double cables in those socks – very different and so pretty. A great choice!

  9. Sock wool dyed especially for the pattern?? That's very special. That is a Very Long sock pattern too. I have enjoyed your WOW!! Is it over now???? Or are there two more??!!

  10. The madness continues1 How can you stand to have so many unfinished projectslying around, whining at you? "Work on me." "No, work on ME first." "ME, ME, ME!" All those little voices in my head would drive me NUTS! The socks are awesome, by the way. Or rather, the sock.

  11. I can't keep up with you! fabulous projects. 🙂

  12. my head is spinning at the lovely red wollmeise goodness going on at your house. you must be happy as a pig in… er.. mud, as they say! i am so impressed that you have gone for so many garments, cant wait to see how they turn out! meanwhile, i need to go have a little lie down, im feeling wollmeise-woozy….

  13. Ann

    The color of the yarn is gorgeous & the pattern too. I just can't get over all the lovely projects that you are casting on – the Garbo is nice too.

  14. Oh goodness – how beautiful are they? LOVE the yarn. And the pattern – just gorgeous.

  15. There's a lot of red featured in the seven deadly wollmeise so far – and they're all gorgeous.I adore the digitessa. Someone stole it from my yarnissima cart the other day – I got the last one in there and went to get my credit card (dang no paypal!) and when I got back – the last digitessa kit was no longer available. ;-(Two more to go!AD

  16. Learning to cable without a needle was one of my greatest knitting accomplishments to date; right up there with my very first stranded-color knitting paired with my very first finished socks! I love those socks, though, so simple but elegant looking!

  17. So beautiful and so so so so so you – lucky duck!

  18. I love the variegated red. It looks a lot like the red I'm using for my bayerische socks. Cabling without the needle saves so much time, as long as the yarn isn't too slippery. I'm with Roxie, I couldn't stand all those new projects going at once. But I love looking at your variety. The skirt appealed to me but I'm leery of a knitted skirt on my not-so-thin self.

  19. My word, that red is gorgeous! And what a sock pattern.I love having multiple projects going at once. When I burn out on one, I just pick up another.

  20. hats off to you! i would never tackle something like this. it looks so pretty though.

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