FO Friday

So I figure to get through this month of blogging every day, I might need some regular posts. So I’ll start with FO Friday. Of course, this means I have to, you know, finish stuff every week … so hopefully that’ll happen too!

Fortunately, for today’s first FO Friday, I have something I whipped up a little earlier (well, ok, I finished it the other day). Just in time for spring’s warmer (ie not sock wearing) weather, I present my favourite ever sock pattern (so nice I’ve made it twice!), the embossed leaves socks!

Pattern: Embossed Leaves socks by Mona Schmidt, from Interweave Knits Winter 2005 and also Interweave’s Favourite Socks book – buy this book, you won’t regret it!

I am a total sucker for a knitted leaf. Pretty much anything with a knitted leaf on it and I’m there! Not everything mind, but just about! I simply love the ability to create one thing (a leaf) out of something completely different (knitting), and still make a practical, beautiful item (socks!).

Yarn: It was so good the first time, I figured I wouldn’t mess with the recipe. Koigu KPM, 2 skeins of mossy olive green (col 231/0204). Love! I have seen these socks knit in other colours, but because I am literal, I do think they must be knitted in green! (although I do accept another autumnal colour may be appropriate as a second choice!)

Sticks: The cuff is 1×1 twisted rib, which can run a bit tight, so I used 3mm sticks for the cuff, changing to 2.75mm for the main part of the sock. This is probably a bit loose for Koigu, really, but important to ensure fit!

Time: 2 June 2009 – 25 September 2009. To be fair to these socks, they actually are a quick knit. I just had a bit of a break between sock #1 and sock #2 to work on other things.

Modifications/What I learnt: No modifications. I even tried the weird cast on prescribed for the sock, and found it didn’t work – ie I couldn’t get the sock over my ankle. Instead of ripping, I figured I’d try undoing the cast on, and doing a sewn bind off. To my utter surprise, when I undid the first cast on row, I ended up with a tubular cast on edging, which is probably what was intended, but not described properly (in my opinion) in the sock cast on instructions.

(I don’t know why, but my camera ate the colour out of this photo…)

For the second sock, I did a different tubular cast on, and it worked perfectly! A lovely stretchy edge which fits over my ankle easily. Very clever and I will definitely use it again. If I can remember which one it was! (No, I can, it’s the one where you cast on half the number of stitches using waste yarn, then do yo’s between every stitch on the first row with the regular yarn, then do a bunch of rows where you slip every second stitch, you all know the one I mean, right? Right?)

I especially love the toe in this pattern, as the purl stitches and decreases continue the lines of the last set of leaves to finish them in the toe. So clever!

And finishing these socks means that I can get out my, um, MAY personal sock club package…well, what’s a few months between friends?!


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25 responses to “FO Friday

  1. yes this is my favourite sock pattern too. And while I agree the green is perfect, I would knit it in any colour – I particularly love my red koigu pair which is probably quite autumnal anyway.I hated the cast on too but that you ended up with a tubular cast on anyway is quite amazing! And I love FO Friday. I'm doing it too! Next week.

  2. Love the pattern and the colour. If I am mad enough to commit to a PSC in 2010 this pattern would be on my list. On second thoughts, just queuing the pattern in Ravelry might be more sensible.

  3. Jan

    Lovely! I did Jeanne Townsend's Cascading Leaves pattern several years ago and just had to use something green. I did her Maize pattern in corn yellow too! I would do them in different colours to what I used, but I really liked both of them. Yours look lovely and the toe looks very comfortable too.

  4. sue

    I love those socks, beautiful. I have the same book and do plan on one day to knit them up. Blogtoberfest should be lots of fun and I am going to dig out my UFO's and see what ones need posting about and which ones need ripping. A good way to get organised before xmas too.

  5. Oooh. That's a pretty pair of socks!! I've never knitted this pattern before. Maybe I should? 😛

  6. I keep meanign to make this and it keeps getting bumped by something else – looking at these though – I MUST make these socks!

  7. so delicous and looks great in the more solid colour – I did these in a verigated and the pattern got a bit lostlove love love

  8. I'm with you on the knitted leaves, special little bits of magic but I haven't made these – that book's on the Christmas list!

  9. They are very beautiful socks, the most gorgeous green and I am a sucker for leaves as well!!! I love little details like the toe growing seamlessly from the leaf pattern.

  10. They are gorgeous! I really need to branch out from the plain ordinary sock pattern I use and embrace something a little more decorative!

  11. I love them. And I understand about the green. I had to knit my Artichokes socks in green first of all, although I'm knitting them again in pink currently. This might have to be my next pair of socks I think.

  12. They are great! And I agree, something about them to me says they should be green, too. And Koigu is always awesome, isn't it? So sproingy!

  13. FO Friday is a great idea and your socks look so comfy. I also have the same book sitting on the shelf….now all I have to do is learn how to make socks!

  14. They are gorgeous socks – I love the combination of the socks and the pattern. Thanks for the detailed pattern notes – I always appreciate them.

  15. Hmm! I know what you mean about leaves being green. I was looking through 'that' book for inspiration for my blue Tofutsies yarn and nearly cast on for those socks but… leaves in blue? What was I thinking? I ended up casting on Tidal Wave socks [South Seas Trading Co]. Right now the first of two socks is on my lap – I've knitted about 2000 stitches without stopping so it was time for a rest [I'm halfway along the foot; the other sock is just past the heel gusset]. BTW, are we having SSos this year?

  16. My embossed leaves socks are blue. And I love the pattern. I've made three pairs of socks with leaf patterns on them but these are my favorites. I was thinking it was time to pull it out again.And I agree with you, that book is wonderful.

  17. The patteren really shows beautifully in that subtle color. Excellent choice!

  18. del

    Oh, this is one of my favorite patterns ever. I love the color! You make me want to knit another pair.

  19. Marvelous socks! It's amazing the shapes you can coax from yarn with a few well-chosen increases and decreases, isn't it?

  20. I love knitted leaves, too, and the ones I am knitting now are so nice and shaped. What a perfect green for leafy socks.

  21. i meant to tell you i was in a cafe last week where I saw a woman wearing a cardigan made out of those leaves! On closer inspection it was a shop bought piece but I thought what a GREAT idea!

  22. These socks are absolutely gorgeous!

  23. Gorgeousness, especially in that yarn.

  24. kim

    These are quite lovely. I cannot believe that I have never completed a pair. Someday….

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