WIP Wednesday: Loppem

You know how I bought this yarn last month?
Well, it was so soft and such a lovely red, and the right amount and weight to make Loppem, a pattern I’ve wanted to make for such a long time … so I couldn’t resist!
I even swatched! Twice!

Weirdly, I got the same stitch gauge each time, but different row gauges (neither of which were the required row gauge!). So I went with the one that just felt right (the smaller sticks) – the larger swatch was just too floppy and open for my liking.

And I also read about 50 million threads on ravelry detailing the various problems and errata with the pattern. I think I’m all sorted now.

Well, except for the photo magically appearing upside down here…

The yarn (Naturally Sensation) is lovely to knit with – a soft, slightly fuzzy angora/merino worsted weight single. Mmmmm. Yummeh! I think I need to try to finish this before it gets too hot to knit on it!


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24 responses to “WIP Wednesday: Loppem

  1. yes you do need to finish it! And you know, all these cold snaps we keep having might well mean you actually get to wear it.After you've made it and figured everything out along the way, I'm so copying you.

  2. Ooh this should be lovely, it's a very cute pattern – like Bells said when you've got it all figured I might just try it!And a belated happy bday to your husby

  3. …and it will be perfect in red.

  4. Jan

    I just love that colour, so vibrant. I've been knitting black all day and the colour of your wool jumps out at me.PS Verification word was "natraux." Something to do with Naturally, do you think?

  5. I can never get the right row count either!! Hurray for upside down pictures, that will be your only errata I am sure.

  6. Love, love, love this pattern. I have long lusted after it – I might have to live vicariously through you now :)I just completed my CPH in this yarn (diff colourway) and adore it, I'm sure you will love this when it's done.Happy knitting!

  7. It is utterly lovely – and strangely – despite being a little fuzzeh – doesn't leave very much on your clothes – but feels veeeeeery soft!

  8. Um….. am I really going to be the only member of the knitting police here to remind you – politely, of course – of your recent start of seven other projects?Ahem.Not that this one isn't lovely and all. 😉

  9. It's going to look so nice in that red. I've been thinking about making this one too….one day! Kgirl just finished hers recently and had some advice about the errata too.Bells is right about the weather as well, perfect for knitting a nice warm cardi.Happy knitting.

  10. quick, knit faster! I'm desperate to see this in red 🙂

  11. I was going to (politely, of course) mention the Seven Wips you so recently started but madmad beat me to it. Just thinking of all those projects at once makes me twitchy. But, the side of me that loves color is entranced by your red.

  12. I am so jealous — but glad that you'll be able to share what you learn. I bought yarn to make this as my first sweater — then decided it was too hard for a first sweater.

  13. del

    What a cute pattern! I can't wait to see how yours turns out in that luscious color.

  14. You do like to start projects, don't you? Wonder how many other things will be started before this sweater actually hits your shoulders. It's yummy yarn and so very you!

  15. Knit, knit! I know how my knitting mojo evaporates once it gets too hot.

  16. I'm wearing mine right now! I love it, though I had to make a lot of adjustments to mine. (like a lot of length) It's a fun pattern, and a great sweater! Enjoy!

  17. kim

    That wool looks so rich and beautiful. It's perfect for Loppem.

  18. amy

    I have red yarn (Cascade 220) earmarked for Loppem, too! You WILL tell me the quick & dirty version of the tangled errata, right? :)(Word verification is dratero. I think I'll say that next time I mess up knitting. It's like DRAT! but with flair…)

  19. oh yay, a red loppem. and that yarn is soo smooshy, cant wait to see it!

  20. Em

    That is a truly delicious looking yarn, the color is wonderful! The loppem will be gorgeous, whenever it gets finished. If it ends up being too hot too soon, well, you can always cast on for something else. I'm such an enabler!

  21. I adore Loppem. Just adore it. I can't wait to see yours , red will be perfect.I made my GYC in the wool you are using and it has kept its shape really well and hasnt pilled much. Lovely and soft and oh so warm

  22. Ann

    Nice choice of pattern & yarn. Your swatches look so good & proper. I don't usually bother to knit a proper swatch like yours.

  23. That is a gorgeous shade of red!!! That pattern has been on my queue list forever 😛

  24. You have chosen another super pattern. I might not bother looking for patterns now, I just need to pop over here to see what I would love to knit!

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