Sunday Sky: Jacaranda watch – week 2

Not a lot of change in the Jacaranda bloom watch over the course of the week. I can see what look to be small flower buds on the branches – but they are all too high for me to get a close look!

But check out that blue sky!!! I haven’t seen that for a while. Hello old friend!



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13 responses to “Sunday Sky: Jacaranda watch – week 2

  1. oh we had blue sky here too! Isn't it lovely!

  2. I know what you mean about the blue sky, I've really missed it this past week. Have been noticing a few Jacarandas in flower around the place too so yours can't be far off.

  3. LOL, I have been missing that blue sky for quite sometime. Belgium was rainy while I was there and then I cam back to crapola weather. Welcome to winter Shazmina!!Sigh, I could be sipping wine under that blue sky right now!

  4. What a beautiful blue it is, glorious – and no, no eggs were laid though we did say we wished they were there at Easter for an egg hunt 🙂

  5. Oh it must have been sunny all around because we had sun and a blue sky too!!

  6. Oh, we have one here today, too! A beautiful fall day for a hike!

  7. YOur spring photos lift my autumnal depression no end!

  8. We finally got some of that blue sky today. I was starting to think it was just going to keep raining until it started turning into snow.

  9. kim

    This is such a beautiful tree. I don't think I had ever seen one before you posted. Looking forward to the blooms.

  10. i love jacarandas, with those lovely soft little purple flowers! and after all the storm warnings, yesterday turned out lovely after all. hope you sat and soaked it up.

  11. We had blue sky here, too. So I washed some sheets and towels, whereupon it promptly clouded up and started raining while I was hanging them out.Can't wait to see the jacarandas in bloom!

  12. Beautiful photo.Blue sky in Sydney was very welcome. It was blue when I got up this morning. The weather forecast was for a fine, warm day. The sky was blue when I filled the washing machine. The machine is now on the final spin – the sky is grey and the temperature has dropped! *sigh*

  13. The Accountant tells me they are out in SE QLD – hope yours are there soon!

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