I don’t remember having too many sleepovers when I was a kid, until I got into my teens, it seemed to happen more then (with my girl-friends people!!). Don’t know why, it just didn’t happen much. Maybe because I lived in a small town and it was very easy to see my friends after school as well.

Although I do remember an epic sleepover with my friend H on her farm. I remember being very jealous of farm kids, who, apart from the long bus ride to and from school, had so much fun on the farm – they could drive when they were 12! And ride motorbikes around the paddocks! And H had a dirt tennis court too! And an outside cubby. And a great dress up box! And a dam to swim in (not that I did much I don’t think – ewwwwwwwwww leeches!)

We had husby’s 10yo niece over for a sleepover with us on Saturday night. I think when I was her age it would have been the last thing I’d have wanted to do, since all my uncles and aunties were, like, 1000 years old. Whereas of course we are sort of less than *cough30cough* years older than her!

But hey, we have a Wii:

And we made pizza from scratch!

There can’t be more fun than kneading the dough by hand! And making a face on your pizza using the toppings! We didn’t even have time to make my excellent choc chip biscuits. I can foresee another sleepover in the future!


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18 responses to “Sleepovers

  1. I think you would be the coolest Aunty, I bet you will have all the nieces and nephews lining up to spend time with you. You are sooper cool!

  2. if I was your niece, I'd be begging to sleep over every weekend!that pizza looks so yummy 😀

  3. she does realise you're famous, right? If not, you should tell her. That'll make sleeping over even cooler!

  4. wow – I need to work on my aunt cred with that kind of competition

  5. What a cool aunty you are!And that pizza [my favourite food] looks absolutely delicious.

  6. Ooooh, that sounds like an awesome sleepover! I would definitely like spending the night at Auntie Rose Red's!

  7. kim

    Oh, I would SO sleep over if you fed me pizza like that! I hope Gianna is going to want to come to her ancient auntie's someday…

  8. And mom and dad get a grownups only night. Hope they get the evidence hidden before she gets home.

  9. We didn't have many sleepovers when I was a kid but my girls did. It seemed like every other week there was someone who was not a member of our family by blood sleeping over and then having breakfast with us. I enjoyed it and the girls seemed to have a good time

  10. del

    Wii and pizza? What kid wouldn't want to come to your house??

  11. amy

    Staying with my aunt or grandmother overnight was soooooo boring when I was a kid. Definitely not houses made for kids. Nothing much to do. I do remember my aunt insisting on combing and braiding my hair, because she'd only had a son (who was about 18 years older than me, too).Your sleepover sounds much, much better!!

  12. Mmm, pizza!I remember one of my uncles making pizza for us when he still lived at my grandparents'.(It was not until years later that I realized he made it out of a boxed pizza kit, but I still thought he was the coolest!)

  13. kms

    i had one very cool aunty and i loved going to her place. we ate ccs and listened to kiss. you are that cool too!

  14. Awake overs I call them, well when there is more than one child that is!! Fun Aunt Rose Red indeed!! My friend's children would come and stay with me and we would do almost all the things their mums and dads wouldn't let them!! We had lots of sensible fun!!!

  15. Oh fun with cool aunts – had some of those!and I had sleepovers all the time – because I was a farm kids – couldn't really understand why town kids got so excited at helping drag the lambs out when they were stuck – ewwwww!

  16. I am so jealous. My nieces live 800 miles away, so I don't get to have many sleepovers. But they are so much fun. I do think we current aunts are a bit younger-at-heart than the ones we grew up!

  17. sean wants to know why you haven't made this for him?

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