A lovely lovely day

I had such a great day today! Our SnB group decided to have a “Stash Reallocation” afternoon tea today – the idea is that we all bring along any items of stash we’d like to “reallocate”, along with some sort of afternoon tea goodness, and see what happens! Someone even brought a small suitcase of yarn to destash!!

Of course, I had grand plans of only getting rid of stuff and not buying anything … I’m sure you all know how that turned out …

But in an effort to distract you, here’s the huge afternoon tea that awaited us after de/re-stashing! Gee, you need a good feed after yarn shopping! (the devilled eggs didn’t last very long!)

And this was our resting spot after, because it wouldn’t be an SnB afternoon tea without knitting going on!

What a lovely afternoon it was! Thanks so much to MissFee for so generously hosting!


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13 responses to “A lovely lovely day

  1. That first picture looked like my idea of heaven and then the second picture came up. Oh what a fabulous looking afternoon you look like you had!

  2. sounds like an almost *perfect* day :Dmmmm, devilled eggs…

  3. i of course am desperate to know what you 'got rid of' he he

  4. What did you take in for food? and what did you bring back in yarn?Knitting on the back porch in the spring sunshine – glory!!

  5. Whew, that looks like fun!A fiber arts group I was in used to have an end-of-year auction, where we brought in anything that no longer called our names. Last time I went to one of those, I came home with lovely yarn and knitting needles. *sigh*

  6. Very very perfect afternoon – what lovely loot did you reallocate?

  7. not distracted! what did you come home with?

  8. thank you too rosered – S.V. was asking if I was stash neutral and cash neutral after- not sure about either actually who caresbut it was so much fun!!!

  9. jp

    I managed to not come home stash neutral (Mainly thanks to 20 balls of 12ply from missfee).Otherwise I think I almost stuck to the stash neutral! (Perhaps not price neutral) I have 300grams of yarn and I offloaded the same.

  10. OK, I am not so easily distracted! What did you get rid of, and what did you get!? OK, OK, a little distracted what kind of cake was that? YUM!

  11. del

    That looks like a perfect day!

  12. Ann

    I love the idea – yarn relocation. I hope you did not bring home more than you relocate.

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