Like Bells, I must admit I’m suffering a bit from posting fatigue. I felt like I was going ok there for most of the month, but today hit and I’ve got next to nothing…

But here’s something I am happy about – we had it installed last week, before the hot weather really hits us – every time we see the weather report, we kinda hope it’s going to be HOT so we can fire it up (so to speak). Although of course, I do try to keep the house cool to minimise the need to switch it on. But the run of 38-40c (that’s 100+F) days we had this past summer convinced us we need to get it.
And of course, the ability to knit on whatever WIPS I want during the summer had NOTHING at all to do with our decision!!


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13 responses to “Fatigue

  1. Ahhhhhh, air conditioning! It really is one of those inventions that can make life a little better – especially those awful hot and muggy nights that make sleeping so difficult!

  2. oh no nothing at all RoseRed. I bet it didn't occur to you at all….or husby!

  3. Aircondtioning is the best! Love it. You may even get to try it tomorrow, I think they're predicting a nice warm 30 degrees!!!!

  4. We didn't use our a/c much last summer. It's only in the bedrooms but even there it wasn't hot enough often. It's a blessing to have when you need it, though.

  5. I never understood air con until living in Aus. Then I realised, 40 degrees and I would sit in front of it like an air con addict!!

  6. Em

    Air conditioning is a beautiful thing. We were pretty fortunate, in that we had a mild summer this year. But it's such a wonderful thing to come home to a cool house (or bedroom, in our case) when it's humid and sticky and gross out.

  7. kms

    weeeee! i foresee a few leisurely summer knitting days at your house!

  8. Ah the power of the heat pump – warm in winter, cool in summer and always comfortable! I love mine!

  9. I spent two summers on the gold coast knitting in air conditioning – I am making a play date for summer at yours

  10. I had the same experience earlier this year – I finally caved. I want to knit. I can't knit in 45 + C. Actually, I can't do anything in that kind of weather. Thank goodness I had the air conditioner!

  11. You will cherish the AC even more, now that you have become a mobile home.

  12. Air-con is one of the reasons why it's never too hot to knit here! Summer in western Sydney can be extreme with no chance of a sea breeze to cool things down.

  13. Oh you lucky ducks!! I have an air cooler thing that can have ice on it, but we all suffer terribly from the heat, and the lack of ability to knit!! The Labradors don't knit, they lie in the paddle pool.

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