FO Friday: Well, almost…

I had grand plans of finishing this in time for today’s post. But I didn’t quite get there – I still have to set in the sleeves and sew the sleeve seams.

But I thought I’d show you anyway, or at least a sneak peak. With any luck, I’ll actually have it done by next Friday! With buttons even! So I’ll give you all the details then!


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19 responses to “FO Friday: Well, almost…

  1. it's absolutely beautiful!

  2. It's really pretty. I like leaf designs. I think that's why I like the embossed leaves socks so much.

  3. I'm a big fan of the asymmetry.

  4. So near…love the pattern; love the colour.

  5. Em

    Great sweater, I'm looking forward to finding the details out. If you hadn't mentioned that the sleeves weren't sewn on yet, I would never have known (and if it were me, i would have faked it, because i am a terrible person and knitter!).

  6. mel

    Oh Jane!! I am late to the party but want to say let the magic begin…

  7. too cute – a sweetpea for a sweetpea!!

  8. Want!Tell!Leaves – love leaces!Tell!

  9. Well this is lovely of course, but what is really lovely is the news of your pregnancy – sooooo many congratulations to you and the husby – I am so delighted for you

  10. I made one for our DD and she always looked so gorgeous in it – I'm sure your baby will too! take care, hugs

  11. kim

    Oh, I have always loved this pattern. I made it a few years ago and was distressed when I could not find my copy of the pattern. I came across it while cleaning and was so excited. It's going to be beautiful! (Well, already is, but…)

  12. del

    Too cute. I can't wait to see it all finished.

  13. awww :)I love Pea Pod, such a cute pattern.

  14. It's gorgeous!! Clever you!!!

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