WIP Wednesday: for the Baby

Yes, another new WIP. Why? Well, of course, because I can! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

This little matinee jacket (by Erika Knight from her book Baby Bloom) is one of those patterns I’ve been saving for when I have a very special baby to make it for. And I’m even using the specified yarn, a now discontinued fingering/4ply 80/20 cashmere/merino blend (I know – lush! And handwash! But I can cope with that).

It’s very old fashioned, and I know it won’t be to the taste of all new-mothers out there, but it’s a special little garment for my little person.

So far, I’ve only done the sleeves – I’m procrastinating about the body, as it’s done in one piece and involves a 232 stitch cast on with a yarn that tends to split. But I’ll get there.

And in case you are wondering what’s happened with all those lovely Wollmeise projects I started my Week of Wollmeise back in September … well, one of the only unfortunate side effects of this pregnancy business is that I can’t stand the smell of the WM! If you’ve never smelled it, it has a very distinctive (and usually lovely) smell, due to the woolwash the yarn is rinsed in after dying (it’s called Perwoll, but I don’t think you can buy it in Australia). But now, that formerly lovely scent just makes me feel a bit ugh. So they are all hibernating. I hope not for too much longer.


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26 responses to “WIP Wednesday: for the Baby

  1. i love old fashioned baby knits a lot. Good choice!

  2. 😦 wm is evil smelling – you can let me look after it for you………Love the matinee jacket – and I love seed stitch on bubbies

  3. Oh, that will be a beautiful jacket to treasure always. The WM thing just cracks me right up.

  4. OH gosh, I had smell and food aversions when i was pregnant! My doctor told me some really interesting stuff about it. Even if it doesn't get better while you're pregnant, it'll be worth it. Darling jacket too!

  5. The jacket is lovely, there's something to be said for the timeless, "old fashioned" designs, it's something you can always keep.Yes, sense of smell does get very strong during pregnancy, it does ease off a bit though in the latter stages so hopefully you can pick up where you left off with your WM projects.

  6. Gosh, that jacket is going to be just beautiful!

  7. The jacket is perfect. And how wonderful to be able to knit something that needs to be hand-washed without worrying you're making a burden for someone else.

  8. The jacket is gorgeous, retro is the word they use now, but it is just like something my mu would have knitted for me, and probably did!!Never mind about the Woolmeisery wool, you must say "Smell you later". (I saw that on The Simpsons tonight. I hardly ever see it, I was channel surfing)

  9. i made one almost identical to this for Lily all those years ago (it actually was a vintage pattern from the 50's)it was my *best* cardigan for practicality and style.yours is going to be divine in that luxe wool πŸ˜€

  10. It is very pretty, I love the old fashioned baby knits.

  11. kim

    That jacket is so lovely! I wish I had known about that pattern before. So sweet.

  12. I love the pattern. And totally get the smell thing. My already keen sense of smell was extreme during my pregnancies. Funny thing was, as soon as the baby was born, it went back to normal. Bodies are very weird.

  13. long time lurker here! I rediscovered knitting while pregnant – now that my son is almost 18 months, all his sweaters are made by me! Congratulations, and enjoy the nesting knitting!

  14. A cahsmere matinee jacket. But the baby won't be spoiled or anything.Bummer about the WM smell. You might try working it while you have a strong pepermint in your mouth. It overwhelms the sense of smell. I learned the trick while working in a yarn store. One of the regular customers had bathing issues, but she bought lots of expensive yarn.

  15. amy

    The sweater is beautiful. Sympathies on the sense of smell. Mine is in overdrive normally; when I was pregnant it was practically unbearable. I have no good suggestions, either, besides avoiding the stuff that smells bad!

  16. I'm in love with that matinee jacket, now I'm going to have to be on the lookout for that book!

  17. del

    Old fashioned, pshaw. I love it! It's perfectly vintage.

  18. Em

    The jacket is a lovely pattern, and will definitely be handed down to the next generation. I get the feeling that this wee one will be treated to some of the most luxe baby knits in history. What luck for him/her!

  19. kms

    so sweet, and perfect for your little person. like missfee, i am more than willing to help with rehoming the WM during this difficult time….. πŸ˜‰

  20. Gorgeous RR, simply beautiful. That is going to be one beautifully dressed small person. Until they puke on it all!! πŸ™‚

  21. cute! I had to go back in your blog posts to confirm why you were baby knitting! I have 2 of erika knights baby books and they are gorgeous! I'm just waiting for a new american book called vintage baby knits to arrive at my house! can't wait!happy knitting!Corrie:)

  22. Ann

    Great choice of pattern & yarn. I don't think the jacket is old fashion – it's gorgeous! Happy knitting.

  23. sue

    I dont think anyone minds seeing babies in old fashioned knits, and that pattern is quite beautiful. It will be perfect for your little one. Pity about the smell of the yarn, I hope you get over it soon. Maybe the baby just wants you to knit more things for it and you can go back to those afterwards, lol!

  24. I am so looking forward to the items you will be making for your little one. Lots of lovely patterns in gorgeous yarns is my prediction!

  25. Hello! I'm sure this little one will be spoiled for choice of lovely knitty goodness, and the finest yarns. And I think that is wonderful! Congratulations!

  26. I love the jacket. Can't wait to see it on the baby

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