Sunday Sky: Jacaranda watch – week 5

I know it’s Wednesday, but I did take these photos on Sunday, honest!

After a month of next to nothing, while all around me jacarandas are a sea of purple, my jacaranda has finally decided to flower (mostly…there are more than a few leaves on there too, which really shouldn’t come out until after the flowers are pretty much done).

Hurrah! And to give you an idea of the purple carpet we’ll get soon, here’s a taste – husby mowed the lawn only a few hours before I took this photo, so you can imagine what it would be like after a few days!

Jacarandas are really best seen at a bit of a distance – I think that’s a huge part of their appeal – in amongst the general green of most trees, you get these gorgeous bursts of purple – it’s a delight to walk down the street and see the purple haze.

And for Alwen, and others going into winter, here’s some flowers – my rose bush, bursting out all over the place:

And the pink roses – which were mere buds last week – are now in full bloom:

(Well, they were on Sunday, after yesterday’s 37C (98F) scorcher, and subsequent cool change and rain, most of them are now petals on the ground!)


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20 responses to “Sunday Sky: Jacaranda watch – week 5

  1. great colours! All gorgeous. I'm looking forward to a city full of purple flowers when I visit in a couple of weeks.Are you bringing the roses inside? I'm doing that lots. Saves them all being lost in the heat!

  2. Glorious! I miss the Jacarandas where I grew up – I loved running about on the purple carpet!

  3. we looked at a house today with the most amazing Jacaranda tree out the front

  4. Oh, don't you hate that? You wait and wait for them to bloom, then one day of bad weather trashes them. AGH! The rooftop photo was so nostalgic for me; Australia looks so much like South America. (Well, I guess I should say PARTS of South America….)

  5. Jacaranda watch, sounds like one of those alert levels: Thank goodness you are keeping an eye on the jacaranda level!!!

  6. I particularly love the carpets of purple petals from the jacarandas – there's the double pleasure of watching them bloom and then seeing the fallen flowers.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful flower photos. I count on you and Bells for colorful photos as our weather gets cold and grey.I've never seen a jacaranda in person. Their shape is so pretty and the bit of purple there in the midst of the green is eyecatching.

  8. And jacaranda is such fun to say. I bet there's lots of songs about sitting on the veranda, under the Jacaranda, cuddling sweet Miranda, . . . .

  9. Beautiful. Most of the Jacarandas here are just finishing their purple bloom, it's nice to see some that are just starting.

  10. Oh, gorgeous! Here it's really starting to be grey November, with a sky that looks like smoke and bare dark trees.

  11. Oh I LOVE jacarandas. There was a long stretch of road that our family would go through when I was little, that was lined thickly on both sides with jacarandas. When they were in bloom it was a heavenly purple tunnel, and we'd get home with flowers caught under the windshield wipers.

  12. It does look so much like summer there – sigh and I miss jacarandas standing in pools of their own petals..

  13. Drove past a little cottage today, the jacaranda in the front yard towered over it, and the petals were scattered so prettily on the pale grey of the roof.I love the sight of Jacarandas against a looming, dark, stormy sky. Then they REALLY pop!Gae, in Callala Bay

  14. Ann

    I love Jacarandas – they are so beautiful & blooming all over the suburbs here. We even have a Jacaranda festival on the last Sat of Nov!

  15. Ahh, at last your tree is in bloom! I used to live in a suburb just out of Adelaide on a street that was lined on both sides with Jacarandas, it was so beautiful walking home through the petals in the warm weather.Just lovely!

  16. What beautiful flowers! It's so cheering to see your garden bursting into life just as mine is shutting down for winter.

  17. As we go into winter here in California, you pictures make me feel so happy and spring like! Thank you so much for sharing.

  18. your welcome, so whats is like now in USA… ???

  19. Hi everyone, I'm new here.

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