I have a dilemma

Hmmmm….what should I do?

or Knitting?
I shall have to have a piece of cake while I ponder this weighty issue.

(thanks Husby for my birthday presents!! OK, I know I chose and bought the Barbara Walkers but you did real good with the Julia Child!)


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20 responses to “I have a dilemma

  1. cute post! Husby did very well and you did very well in choosing such a stirling gift for yourself!Wonder what else you might soon get??

  2. What a dilemma for a girl!! I think the cake option is the best one to be going on with!!!!

  3. Hehe, life is so hard! 🙂 Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂

  4. mmmm that is a hard oneMight I suggest madam bakes, then knits then eats then knits then bakes then knits then eats then knits….and don't forget to come to knitting tomorrow

  5. I'm with Fee – why choose? Wonderful gifts, by the way. Happy belated birthday from me, too.

  6. Happy birthday! What a good husby you have!

  7. Oh, happy, happy belated, RR! I am writing it done in my calendar this time so I'll know next year! Great presents!

  8. I'd bake first and then have goodies to eat while I knitted (but that's just me).Happy Happy Birthday!

  9. Now that is a dilemma I can appreciate! Sometimes dilemmas like that take 2-3 pieces if cake to work themselves of.

  10. Bake, consider knitting while baking is in the oven, let baking cool while continuing to consider knitting, frost and plate baking, slice and eat while finializing decision, wash hands, knit. You CAN have your cake and eat it.Joyous felicitations on the anniversary of your natal event!

  11. Happy Birthday! What great gifts. Can't you do both at once? Mix a bit, knit a bit, stick it in the over, knit a bit, take it out, knit a bit, eat it, knit a bit…

  12. Cakes, cakes, cakes!! Happy birthday from me too! x

  13. kms

    is there a recipe for croqeunbouche (sp?) in that book? cos i recommend spending a day making one then put it next to your knitting corner and eat at least one profiterole per project started from those books over the next week. hehehehehe….

  14. Dreadful dilemna – I think I'd have the cake while I thought too – the children bought me Jamie's America for Christmas – they just don't know it yet……

  15. sorry, I can't get past that delicious slice of cake!looks like you had a great birthday, the Treasury will keep you going for some time to come 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday lovely – ooh I want some of that cake!Love your baby knits and so nice to see the jacaranda in bloom.Hope you can sniff your WM to your hearts desire soon and that you're generally feeling okay and enjoying being pregnant. So nice to catch up with you x

  17. Ann

    Happy Belated Birthday. I don't think you have a dilemma – just bake a cake first & then settle down with the cake & knitting – it's the best of both worlds!

  18. My answer is also Yes.You get to knit while the baking is in the oven if I get to lick the spoon!

  19. ohhhhh belated happy birthday! I love my JC books! make the clafoutis….soooo delicious!!! I sit and read it sometimes as it makes for entertaining and mouthwatering eating!Corrie:0

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