Hello friend!

When I went out to hang out some washing this afternoon I found this little (or big, really) fella sunning himself (or possibly herself) on the pavers:

It’s an eastern blue-tongued lizard (I think…) – it was probably about 40cm (16″) long. I snapped this photo before hanging out the washing and by the time I was done it was gone! So I didn’t get to see it flash the blue tongue! Oh well, maybe I’ll see him (or her) again some time. I hope so, because they eat snails and slugs – great for the garden!



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14 responses to “Hello friend!

  1. Oh, I love it when they poke their blue tongues out at you! Very rude, very funny.

  2. Oh some company for you and Nellie!!

  3. I really like the chunky solidity of these big lizards. He / she looks very much at home.

  4. Do you believe in the story that if you are bitten by a BTL, every year on that day the bite comes back again?? As children we truly believed that!! We have them in our garden too, but I rarely see them- The Labradors are scary to lizards.

  5. Whoa! I thought it was a croc at first! (That would be the last time *I* hung laundry outside!) Now that I know it's not though, very cool.

  6. amy

    I love lizards!! We don't have any, just salamanders (which I also love).

  7. I see you got the spammer, too. Blue-tongued lizzards and sexy spam – what a full day!Love the lizard. Quite the exotic critter for me. If he hangs around, will you name him?

  8. My verification word has distracted me – it looks like a sideways comment on the spammer: pantsayi Pants indeed!How to delete comment spam:-Go to "Edit posts" and click View.-Scroll down to the offending comment and click on the little gray trash can icon.-Click the "Delete forever" box.-Click the Delete Comment button.Buh-bye, spam comment!

  9. kms

    i love the fact that we have huge almost pre-historic lizards that just hang out in our suburban gardens. s/he looks very healthy and happy there.

  10. That would scare me to death! I have a hard time with lizards (and snakes and praying mantises and big spiders…..). I'm such a baby.

  11. So cool – say hello to him/her next time – and I understand a little milk in a saucer will provide a treat….

  12. Hahahaha!! I just showed my son this picture, and he said, "Wow. That's no deer…" (We have deer…)

  13. Cor – that is one cool garden visitor!Good luck with your Mum's shawl – I like working out the rows per month target – must try that next big thing I'm foundering on – as oppose to the small things at the moment!!

  14. Ann

    That's scary. I would not have gone out to hang my laundry forever!

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