Getting over the knitting blahs

I had a bad knitting day on Tuesday – I tried to do the tubular cast-off technique as described in Wendy Johnson’s Socks from the Toe Up, on my bamboo stripey socks. I realised I’d made a mistake early on, so ripped back a couple of rows and redid it. Then after separating the knits and purls onto separate needles, and then kitchener grafting all 64 of them (gah!!) I discovered I’d obviously done something else wrong, because the cast-off was not at all stretchy. In fact, it was t-i-g-h-t. So it will have to be undone (I’ve no idea how…I suspect I might just cut it off….) and redone. I was so cross I did no more knitting that day.

And the next day I was just feeling blah about all my knitting. Yep, even though you can have 20 or more wips, it is totally possible to feel uninspired about all of them, and want to start something new.

So I did…(I’m pretty sure that surprises no regular readers!). And it is a project I’ve wanted to knit for ever so long but have kept putting it off. Well, no more!

So here’s my Shetland Triangle in lush Karabella Magrite, an 80/20 merino/cashmere. This is going to be my huge cosy winter wrap. And I’m ever so happy with it, and my knitting!


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22 responses to “Getting over the knitting blahs

  1. yay! I have LONGED for you to make this shawl as I've now done it TWICE! So glad you started it. We shall both be able to wear red shetland triangles next winter! and that cast off sounds nasty. I think I'll avoid it. I rather like the sewn bind off now.

  2. I'd keep with the sewn bind off with toe-ups. That tubular cast off is *EVIL*. I still have to acquire the pattern for the Shetland Triangle, so I will live vicariously through your smooshy red goodness. Looks beautiful!(And I got 2 skeins of that glenora silk-alpacky. Just as well, if what you say is true…)

  3. Beautiful! And it's in red! Happy days.

  4. Sam

    another beautiful red object – lush! I'm glad I read this about the tubular cast off, I'm looking for a stretchy cast off for a 2 x 2 rib, so I can at least eliminate that one.

  5. kms

    oooh nasty cast off. but ahhh lovely triangle. the shetland triangle (in red) has been known to solve a great many knitting ills, and that looks fabulous! cant wait to see it finished.

  6. Oh I am very sad to hear that the evil casting off has struck again. Bah Humbug. But oh I love the Shetland Triangle, it looks so cuddly and warm!!!

  7. The latest issue of Twist has an article about "startitis" and it not being a problem. Knitting is supposed to be fun, not a job. And if you're not having fun, then, darn it, it's time for a new project. And you picked a great one. I love Shetland Triangles.

  8. That's the spirit! It should be fun. And who really needs to count the WIPs?

  9. Gorgeous red! I know the feeling. I've spent days on a Christmas sweater and now it's not working out. So frustrating and the date to get it in the mail is looming! very tempting to just start something new!!!!!

  10. Pretty! It's not like you're knitting to support your family. If it's not fun, don't do it. The tubular cast off sounds like an enormous pain in the keester. Thanks for the warning!licraw

  11. I'm with madmad, if it's not fun, why are you doing it? Your shetland triangle looks so soft and just beautiful.

  12. Oh make that three red shetland triangles – mine is in Indisch rot (and the offer to yarn sit your WM still stands…)I haven't picked up Ishbel since I frogged all the lace bit – its in the naughty corner – still!

  13. That's beautiful! I am absolutely adoring your shetland triangle. It's delicious.

  14. i'm glad you started this! happy with knitting is a good thing. there have been a few times this year where i've wondered – so why exactly do i knit if i'm so aggravated by it? i love this pattern – made one for my daughter – and was really happy with it. yours looks like it's going to be really lovely.

  15. del

    Ooooh, how pretty! Sorry to hear about your knitting troubles but it sounds like you found the perfect solution…another WIP! 🙂

  16. Did I ever tell you what happened to my most favourite Red Debbie Bliss Shetland Shawl that you have seen me wear often?Somehow, (don't ask me how) a Glad Room Freshener (the one that is scented oil), tipped onto it. Now it smells like a Glad Room Freshener. Bleccccck. I shall have to get Mrs Lush onto it and find out how to get rid of the smell. Pooh!

  17. I made a huge pinky red shetland triangle this winter in enormous 10 ply (well, not really enormous but you know, TEN ply feels enormous on a shawl), and it is my favourite snuggly wintry wrap ever. I adore it.

  18. Karabella SQUEE!I love the tubular bind off. But it was hard to wrap my mind around it at first!

  19. I'm not good with written tutorials on anything, so I feel you pain with the tubular cast off! at least that shetland looks so lovely and calm.

  20. Ann

    A lace cast off is great for socks as it's really stretchy. Casting on a new project is great theraphy for bad knitting day. Love the shawl.

  21. Now taht shawl is a great remedy, it will be beautiful.

  22. ooohhhh myyyyy – yummy!

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