Red more red!

Since I appear to be on a roll posting red projects, I thought I’d better add another one!

Here is my Solas Caomh (Irish for “tender comfort”) – crocheted cables! I think it is just the most amazing pattern, and while it’s a bit fiddly and the cottton is a bit hard on my hand (because of the way I hold the yarn when I crochet), I really am enjoying making this.

But it will be a slowish project – each cable row takes at least an hour, and the return back row probably 20 minutes. So two rows a day is about all I can manage (and clearly I don’t work on it every day!!).

But I am about a quarter of the way through, so I should be able to get it finished by May I reckon!


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14 responses to “Red more red!

  1. it's gorgeous. I was brimming with admiration when I saw it yesterday!I will add learning crochet cables to my new year's resolutions!

  2. amy

    Wow. Just, wow.And Bells had to go and mention New Year's Resolutions. Argh. That's been rolling around my head and now she's brought it up out loud. 😉

  3. But it is worth every minute, it looks fabulous. I could raise people's ire by saying it looks knitted- which isn't an aspersion on crochet!!

  4. it is really stunning, and the most beautful red. cant wait to see it finished. in may.

  5. Jan

    That looks really great! Love the colour too.

  6. Wow. An hour and twenty for two rows. It's a good thing it's pretty enough to be worth it! Beautiful!

  7. cable crochet! i've never seen anything like this. it's stunning.

  8. That's the way to get over the knitting blahs! It looks gorgeous.

  9. Now that is amazing. Crochet is not what it used to be. I have been wanting to learn more. All I've done is ripple afghans when I was much younger. There's a bookmark pattern I've seen on Ravelry that I want to try too.

  10. I can't believe that's crochet?! is there no end to your talents, m'dear?

  11. kim

    You are truly a marvel with the crochet hook. Amazing!

  12. I'm always amazed that you can crochet a cable. I love it. And the color!

  13. Wow! I always forget how versatile crochet is, then I remember the beautiful lace table cloths my Nana used to make. Will have to learn how one day, still trying to master knitting first though! I look forward to seeing the finished blanket. Well done on you progress so far.

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