Mittenses with Kittenses

Whilst I’ve been a bit of a selfish knitter the past few months, a gift project or two has snuck into my knitting schedule.

I’m particularly happy with this particular gift project, a collaboration with Bells (but of course!) for our buddy Shazmina Bendi, who is currently living in the brrr-chilly UK, and who had to leave her beloved cat, Princess Meena behind in Australia.

Yes, mittenses with kittenses!

Pattern: Cat Mittens by Jorid Linvik. A fab pattern, with lots of pictures and a matching hat as well (which we didn’t knit!). Very easy to follow although I did have to number the chart rows to help me keep track of where I was up to. I did the right mitten and Bells did the left one!

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Salty Dog (blue) and Oyster Blush (browny/grey)- a very nice pairing, if I do say so myself. And we only used, between us, about 30-40g of each colour, so there’s plenty leftover for the matching hat, or another project. I was amazed at how little yarn the mittens used!
Sticks: I really wasn’t sure what size sticks to use, as others on Ravelry who’ve made this pattern with this yarn using sticks ranging from 2.25mm to 3.25mm! So in the end, we opted for 2.75mm. I think if I were to make these again, with a similar yarn, I’d use at least 3mm sticks, as they were quite snug, even on my relatively small hands. Having never made (or worn) mittens before, I’m not sure whether it’s desirable for mittens to be snug or a bit loose etc, so I hope these are practical as well as pretty!
Time: I don’t know why, but fair isle seems to go faster than regular knitting! I did the main part of the mitten in about a week, but then let them sit without a thumb for some time. And boy did I hate knitting the thumb. Don’t know why, as it wasn’t hard, but it was just fiddly. I suspect I won’t be knitting gloves any time soon! 19 October 2009 – 18 November 2009.

Happy Birthday Shazmina!!



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26 responses to “Mittenses with Kittenses

  1. we are so great! Woo hoo!

  2. ps your title is cool!

  3. What a super pattern for a cat loving person. Well done the two of you. (I tried to leave a comment for Bells as well, but I think my internet security has problems letting me do some things.)

  4. Oh what a lovely pair you are and SB is so lucky!! How sad she had to leave her cat behind, but what a lovely thought. I love the paws and I agree, thumbs are awful, far too fiddly!!

  5. Oooh there are Dog Mittens too!!! I think when the weather is cooler I might need a pair myself!!

  6. Oh, my gosh, that is the sweetest present. She will love them! And yes, ugh to gloves and all their silly fingers!

  7. what a precious gift for your friend! very thoughtful!btw, i first found you through little jenny wren's ADIML posts, and have kept up with you ever since. i love that i can always come to your blog to see beautiful things! thank you for that,Alesha

  8. amy

    A bit snug is fine, I think. Not as snug as a sock, but you wouldn't want big loose floppy mittens. And thumbs are fiddly, no way around it. I have a pair of Evangelines that has been waiting for thumbs for a couple of weeks. I don't even have to decrease on those thumbs! They take about five minutes each. I don't know what my problem is!The mittens are fabulous. And Fair Isle–they'll be so warm with that extra layer of stranded wool in there. Toasty!!

  9. Love these mittens!!! What great teamwork. These have been in my fav's on Rav for ages. I see there are zebra ones too. My son's girlfriend just loves zebra's…..I think a pair may be on my needles for her next birthday maybe :)Cheers Lois

  10. Those are so lovely, and I love all the details of them.What a lovely gesture!

  11. I love the paw prints on the finger tips! They are adorable and the colors are great.

  12. this is the sweetest idea! you guys are such fabulous friends.

  13. I love those and the colors! Great pattern and the paw print makes them whimsical!

  14. i am seriously thinking about the dog ones after seeing these. id never wear them tho, but they really are a work of art! nice work girls xx

  15. Ann

    The mittens look great & I love the colors. You and Bells did a great job!

  16. Woo hoo! You are so great! My son loveses these kittenses!

  17. I love that pairing too – it's the same as I did on the DROPS garter stitch baby cardigan – which I think you should consider making with the leftovers.

  18. I think my favorite part are the fish bones on the thumbs. Those are just too great, but I think you should mail them separately, one from each of you. Wouldn't that make a special surprise!

  19. kim

    You two are fierce and fearless knitters!!!

  20. These are just wonderful! Its so cold here I bet she will be wearing them all the time, they are beautiful.

  21. gorgeous mittens – I agree about the thumbs -just made some gloves – not difficult – just….irritating…

  22. Oh my goodness, co-ordinated knitting! Very impressed. Won't be attempting that any time soon – my gauge is not like anyone I now.P.S. We bought a place about 800 metres away from you, and conveniently walking distance to Greta's.

  23. What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift!

  24. Those mittenses are truly fabulous and well needed over here at the moment. Great idea for a collaboration. Hope your red projects are going well too – such a festive colour, and cos I probably won't be back here before have a lovely Christmas sweetheart.

  25. Yes, they are the most thoughtful gift ever AND they made me speechless! My two favorite Colinette colourways (great esp RR!) and the kittenses are just beautiful. And so warm I wear them all the time and am contemplating a new matching coat!And yes Bells, you two are awesome! Can't wait to see you in Jan!

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