Baking baking baking

Something about Christmas makes me want to bake bake bake. Not entirely sure why, because it’s not like there is a dearth of food to begin with, but it really is nice to have a bunch of sweet goodies in the cupboard and the fridge – not only are they just plain yummy but the homemade goods also make great last minute (or not) presents!

As she’s only school holidays now, I thought my 10yo niece might enjoy a spot of baking with me, so yesterday we fired up the oven and the magimix and various other kitchen implements, and produced these:

Hedgehog slice and my mum’s party slice – both actually very similar recipes but with slightly different results.

and these:

A selection of gingerbread men and other assorted shapes – all dependent on the cutters in my drawer!

My niece had fun decorating the gingerbread men/shapes – in fact, it was the quietest I’ve ever heard her!! (oh, and the ones she are holding are iced in purple, although it does look a bit like chocolate – purple is her favourite colour after all!)


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18 responses to “Baking baking baking

  1. jp

    Sounds like you deserve a nap.Lots of fun but exhausting.Gorgeous gingerbread.

  2. They look so tempting, but I've got to be careful what i eat this year as I've found I can't have gluten. This means lots of very creative baking for me!

  3. oh i love the decorating!!! You did such a great job together! I was decorating mine and feeling very blah so Fee took over. But you did such a great job together! Mmm party slice!

  4. Yay for biscuit cutters, I made small reindeer with white icing and tiny pieces of cherry for their noses. No pictures because they were all eaten!!!Purple is a pretty popular colour with young people!!!

  5. Oh, my goodness! No wonder you were tired! That is a ton of baking! It all looks awesome! Some day, you'll have to explain to us non-Aussies, what slice is. Actually, I'm off to google it.

  6. amy

    Yep, creative baking here, too, since I'm not using eggs. I've decided not to do roll-out cookies with cutters this year (honestly, I'm glad for the break) but have found some other good recipes to try. We'll be making cookies tomorrow–our 24th–for Santa.Roll-out cookies are tough in the heat. I don't even attempt them in the summer anymore! Good job!

  7. Purple is a wondrous color, I can well understand your niece's love for it!I'll be baking pie tomorrow, my contribution to the holiday feast. Cant' wait!

  8. Gingerbread sheep! I LOVE it! And what a great idea to get a ten-year-old to help. Fun for all imvolved.

  9. Mmmm! Sprinkles! Great job!

  10. There is something about baking at holiday time, isn't there? What beautiful cookies — and what a nice aunt.

  11. weee party slice!! i have been so wrapped up in all things fruit mince i forgot about gingerbread. they look great! nice job 10 year old niece 🙂

  12. kim

    Me too. I just made two cheesecakes. Time to knit a bit. I love those little sheep cookies. So cute. I'm sure that quality time with your niece makes it that much more special. Merry Christmas!

  13. Best bit about a lot of sweet things is they can actually be frozen so that you can stretch out the joy a little longer!!

  14. I don't bake a lot all year. I just don't need the goodies in the house. But, at christmas, I let the inner pastry chef out and bake and bake and bake. Today it was babkas and macaroons. Tomorrow Em wants to make some cookies so more baking!

  15. So productive, and so celebratory. The baked and decorated goods look good enough to eat (and eat…and eat…and eat…)I'm still at work, and I've baked nothing this year. We'll be having very kitsch buche de noel from the local French patisserie for Christmas lunch. My mother would be horrified by the notion of purchasing Christmas dessert.

  16. mildawg

    Oh yum! You made my mouth water just now.

  17. Lovely Chrissie funhave a great christmas and a wonderful 2010!

  18. Gosh that hedgehog slice looks good. I know exactly how you feel about baking a Christmas – I always want to as well! Actually last Christmas a few of my friends baked this really impressive gingerbread house for me, it was great. There must be something about the Christmas spirit that makes people want to bake.

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